Greater Crothersville Community Yard Sale Oct 7

The fall installment of the Greater Crothersville Community-Wide Yard Sale will be Saturday, Oct. 7, but with a change. Locations of the yard sales will not be listed in the newspaper gratis.
“For the past several years there have been fewer and fewer residents submitting their yard sale locations. But there were always more yard sales that those advertised,” said Curt Kovener, editor of the Crothersville Times, sponsor of the community event.
“Perhaps that lack of response was waiting to see what the weather forecast would be, maybe it was procrastination on getting ready for a yard sale, maybe it was an attitude of setting up but not bothering to promote a sale and taking advantage of the crowd,” said the editor. “Even some churches and organizations had special events they chose not to promote in the newspaper but took advantage of the yard sale crowd traffic.”
Whatever the reason, the lack of response to promote it made it difficult to encourage visitors to come to Crothersville for bargains.
“When we first started this event around 20 years ago, there were 50 locations signed up, most recently it is difficult to justify a community wide event with just 11 yard sales advertised,” observed the editor.
So the Oct. 7 yard sale will be a “ya’ll come” style event. Residents will need to develop their own promotional technique of getting customers to their location.

Crothersville VFW Selling Buddy Poppies Saturday

This Saturday, September 23, VFW Post 1083 will be conducting Buddy Poppy sales around Crothersville.
The poppy is the official memorial flower of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. Buddy Poppies are assembled by disabled and needy veterans in VA Hospitals. The VFW Buddy Poppy program provides compensation to the veterans who assemble the poppies, provides financial assistance in maintaining state and national veterans’ rehabilitation and service programs and partially supports the VFW National Home for Children.
“Area residents are asked to contribute generously by purchasing a Buddy Poppy from a VFW Auxiliary member and wear your Buddy Poppy proudly,” said Auxiliary spokesperson Danieta Foster.

Nashville Singer-Songwriters To Perform

Live music committee of Seymour’s Vision 2025 Project will host an “in the round” performance by three Nashville-based singer-songwriters — Greg Foresman, Alan Rhody and John Mann — at 8 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 30, at the Woodstock Grill, Seymour Country Club, 1400 Shields Ave.
Advance tickets are $12 and are available at the Woodstock Grill, Jackson County Visitor Center, and Southern Indiana Center for the Arts. Tickets at the door will be $15.

Greg Foresman, a Louisville native, was a member of The Hammerheads, a hard-rocking southern funk group from 1988 to 1992. After the breakup of that band, he became an in-demand touring guitarist in Nashville and formed the Greg Foresman Band in 1993.
Foresman joined Martina McBride’s touring band in 1997, performing throughout the United States and overseas. He has continued to maintain his own identity as a guitarist, often playing at The Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis, and continues to be in demand as a session guitarist in Nashville. He has recorded five solo studio albums.

Alan Rhody is a Kentucky native based in Nashville whose songs have crossed genres throughout his prolific 40-year career. Artists who have recorded his songs include The Oak Ridge Boys, Del McCoury, Toby Keith, Michael Martin Murphy, Lorrie Morgan, George Jones, Tanya Tucker, Suzie Boggus, Ricky Van Shelton and many others.
The Oak Ridge Boys’ recording of the Rhody composition “I’ll Be True To You” was the quartet’s first number one hit.
Rhody has recorded nine solo CDs. Nashville’s daily newspaper, The Tennessean, described him as “a singer-songwriter of unusual clarity and intelligence.”

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, “John Mann has been an engaging and positive force, gracing the singer-songwriter scene with bulletproof songcraft, thoughtful lyrics and a voice as warm and inviting as anyone’s. Mann has a strong new album, ‘Evening News,’ that retains its individuality while clearly revealing his core influences of The Band, Van Morrison and John Prine.”

The Sept. 30 event is the latest in a series of “listening room” concerts hosted by the Vision 2025 music team, which is planning a regional singer-songwriter festival at various venues in Seymour in April, 2018.
Members of the team are Shawn Busby, Rebecca Schepman, Arann Banks, Shawn Malone, Larry McDonald, Joe Persinger, Roland Freeman, Darnell Dukes, and Shane Busby.

Scott Butt Joins Peoples Bank Board of Directors

Wm. Mark Norman, President of TPB Bancorp and its subsidiary The Peoples Bank, this week announced the appointment of Scott E. Butt to fill the remaining term of John H. “Butch” Robertson, who passed away June 7, 2017.
Butt is a 1983 graduate of Brownstown Central High School, a 2010 graduate of Indiana University Purdue University, Columbus. Currently he is the Managing Partner and President of Family Drug, Inc. in Brownstown. He began at Family Drug in 2001 by starting the Durable Medical Equipment and Oxygen Program and assumed positions of greater leadership and responsibility, culminating in being appointed to his present position in 2014.
He and his wife, Patricia, reside in Brownstown and have a son, Samuel, and a daughter, Katherine.
“Scott Butt is a respected business owner and his philosophies match that of the Board of Directors and the Bank,” said Norman.

Public Notices

Taxpayers, property owners and other interested parties in the Town of Crothersville, Indiana (“Town”) are hereby notified that the Town Council adopted an ordinance regulating yard waste on September 5, 2017. The ordinance contains fines and penalties for violations. The effective date of the ordinance is September 6, 2017.
The Town Council makes the following findings:
The deposit and accumulation of grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste upon and into the streets of the Town have created a public problem by increasing the amount of waste and debris in the streets, making the Town less visually attractive, and increasing pollution and run-off into the Town’s storm sewers; and
The Town has recently made great expenses on storm water drainage and does not wish for its new infrastructure investment to be degraded by run-off of yard waste; and
A significant portion of the run-off and debris in the streets results from persons intentionally dumping or placing grass clippings, leaves and yard waste in the Town Streets; and
The current ordinances and procedures have failed to abate the dumping of waste into the streets.
It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly cause grass clippings, leaves, or other debris or waste produced in conjunction with yard maintenance or gardening onto the streets, alleys, and other public ways of the Town of Crothersville.
In addition, a property owner is responsible to ensure that any persons hired to cut their grass or maintain their yard abide by this ordinance. Any grass or waste which inadvertently is caused to enter the streets or alleys of the Town shall be promptly removed.
This ordinance may be enforced by the Police Department or Street Department. A violation of this ordinance shall initially be sanctioned by the civil penalty method set forth in Section 4.
There shall be a presumption that grass clippings, leaves or yard waste immediately adjacent to a property where caused to be placed there by property owner. This is a rebuttable presumption.
A violation of this Ordinance shall constitute a civil penalty punishable by a fine in the following amounts:
First Offense: $20.00
Second Offense: $40.00
Third Offense: $80.00
Fourth Offense: $100.00
Fifth and Subsequent Offenses:$100.00
Enforcement shall be as follows:
A member of the Police Department or the Street Department shall first provide the property owner (and tenant it is a rental property) with a written warning. The failure to remove grass clippings, yard or garden waste, leaves, etc. from the streets, alleys or other public ways within 24 hours after the written warning shall result in the issuance of the citation for a violation of this ordinance.
The failure to remove grass clippings, yard or garden waste, leaves, etc. from the streets, alleys or other public ways after a citation is issued shall result in the Town doing so.
The Town shall bill the property owner for the cost of its services at the normal hourly rates of the employees performing the work. The property owner’s failure to pay this amount shall result in a lien against the real estate to be added to the tax rolls.
A summons, similar in form to a parking summons, shall be tendered by the enforcing officer to the property on and/or the tenant if it is a rental property. The summons shall be paid at the Town Office within five (5) days.
Fines collected from the enforcement of this ordinance shall be divided equally between the Street Department and the Police – Tickets budget category line items by the Clerk-Treasurer.
ADOPTED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL this 5th day of September 2017.
The complete version of the ordinance is available for examination and copying at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer at the Town Hall of the Town of Crothersville, 111 East Howard Street, Crothersville, Indiana 47229 during normal business hours.
Terry Richey
Dated: September 6, 2017
9/13, 9/20


Jackson County Indiana
Beginning 10:00 AM, 10/27/2017 Courthouse Local Time
Jackson County
Pursuant to the laws of the Indiana General Assembly, notice is hereby given that the following described property is listed for sale for delinquent taxes and/or special assessments. The county auditor and county treasurer will apply on or after 10/10/2017 for a court judgment against the tracts or real property for an amount that is not less than the amount set out below and for an order to sell the tracts or real property at public auction to the highest bidder, subject to the right of redemption. Any defense to the application for judgment must be filed with the Jackson County Circuit Court and served on the county auditor and treasurer before 10/10/2017. The court will set a date for a hearing at least seven (7) days before the advertised date of sale and the court will determine any defenses to the application for judgment at the hearing. The county auditor and the county treasurer are entitled to receive all pleadings, motions, petitions, and other filings related to the defense to the application for judgment.
Such sale will be held on 10/27/2017 at the Courthouse and that sale will continue until all tracts and real property have been offered for sale.
Property will not be sold for an amount which is less than the sum of:
(A) the delinquent taxes and special assessments on each tract or item of real property; and
(B) the taxes and special assessments on the real property that are due and payable in the year of the sale, whether or not they are delinquent; and
(C) all penalties due on the delinquencies, and
(D) an amount prescribed by the county auditor that equals the sum of:
(1) twenty-five dollars ($25) for postage and publication costs; and
(2) any other costs incurred by the county that are directly attributable to the tax sale; and
(E) any unpaid costs due under IC 6-1.1-24-2(c) from a prior tax sale.
No property listed below shall be sold if, at any time before the sale, the Total Amount for Judgment is paid in full. If the real property is sold in the tax sale, the amount required to redeem such property will be 110% of the minimum bid for which the tract or real property was offered at the time of sale, if redeemed not more than six (6) months after the date of sale, or 115% of the minimum bid for which the tract or real property was offered at the time of sale, if redeemed more than six (6) months after the date of sale, plus the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the minimum bid on the real property plus five percent (5%) per annum interest on the amount by which the purchase price exceeds the minimum bid on the property. All taxes and special assessments upon the property paid by the purchaser subsequent to the sale, plus five percent (5%) per annum interest on those taxes and special assessments, will also be required to be paid to redeem such property.
In addition, IC 6-1.1-25-2 (e) states the total amount required for redemption may include the following costs incurred and paid by the purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee or the county before redemption: (1) The attorney’s fees and cost of giving notice under IC 6-1.1-25-4.5; (2) The costs of title search or examining and update the abstract of title for the tract or item of real property. The period of redemption shall expire on Monday, October 29, 2018 for certificates sold in the tax sale. For certificates struck to the county, the period of redemption may expire Monday, February 26, 2018.
If the tract or item of real property is sold for an amount more than the minimum bid and the property is not redeemed, the owner of record of the property who is divested of ownership at the time the tax deed is issued may have a right to the tax sale surplus.
The Auditor and Treasurer specifically reserve the right to withhold from the sale any parcel which has been listed in error, or which otherwise becomes ineligible for sale either prior to 10/27/2017 or during the duration of the sale.
This notice of real property tax sale, and the tax sale itself are undertaken and will be conducted pursuant to the requirements of the laws of the State of Indiana which regulate the sale of land for delinquent taxes, pursuant to I.C. 6-1.1-24-1 et seq.
The County does not warrant the accuracy of the street address or common description of the property, and a misstatement in the key number or street address does not invalidate an otherwise valid sale.
Minimum bid amounts are prescribed by law and are subject to change prior to the auction date.
Pursuant to IC 6-1.1-24-3(e), property descriptions may be omitted for properties appearing on the certified list in consecutive years. A complete property list may be obtained at or in an alternative form upon request.
Dated: 9/13/2017
Registration For Bidding On the Tax Sale:
If you are interested in bidding on the tax sale for an Indiana county, you may register online at This registration is good for all counties that SRI services. You need to register only once for all counties. If you do not have access to a computer with internet service you may register the morning of the sale.
Please arrive the morning of the tax sale at least 30 minutes before the beginning time to be assured you will receive your bid number before the start of the sale.
Please bring your registration form and W9 form with you the morning of the tax sale. You will be able to print these forms from the registration web site.
Pursuant to IC 6-1.1-24-5.1 a business entity that seeks to register to bid at the Jackson County Tax Sale must provide a certificate of good standing or proof of registration in accordance with IC 5-23 from the Secretary of State to the Jackson County Treasurer.
361700004 36-55-05-300-014.001-001 $1,515.13 Martindale, David M W PT 5-5-5 1.872A 2071 E US Highway 50 Brownstown 47220
361700008 36-64-19-100-032.001-001 $883.81 Cox, Cherie Mae PT SW NE 19-6-4 1A 4508 N State Road 135 Freetown 47235
361700009 36-54-10-401-003.000-002 $156,466.53 Unicell Paper Mills Inc PT NE 32.72AC 1220 W Spring St Brownstown 47220
361700011 36-54-11-300-002.001-002 $290.19 Barnard, Joyce E PT SW 11.04-5-4 0.5A 400 N Block Ewing St BROWNSTOWN 47220
361700012 36-54-11-304-047.000-002 $2,386.90 Hess, Debbie BTOWN IMP CO S1/2 44 121 S Clark St Brownstown 47220
361700013 36-54-11-304-060.000-002 $918.71 Reynolds, Daymond A BROWNSTOWN IMP CO 22 BROWNSTOWN IMP CO PT LOT 23 .005A 201 S Benton St Brownstown 47220
361700015 36-54-11-440-019.000-002 $2,342.86 Christopher, James L Jr & Pamela Sue KELLERS 10 404 W Bridge St Brownstown 47220
361700016 36-54-11-701-016.000-002 $9,960.91 Peters, Joe M & June R BROOKS LOT 4, 5, 1, 2 LOTS 12, 13, LOT 3 522 W Spring St Brownstown 47220
361700019 36-54-14-103-024.000-002 $7,133.15 Patton, Michael L & Tammy PT BLK T 216 W Commerce St Brownstown 47220
361700020 36-54-14-103-032.000-002 $4,020.90 Payattakool, Daranee PT BLK S 75X175 518 S Poplar St Brownstown 47220
361700021 36-54-14-108-002.000-002 $5,603.42 Peters, Joe Mark Sr & June R PT BLK G 116 S Jackson St Brownstown 47220
361700023 36-54-14-201-051.000-002 $5,561.01 Peters, Joe M 14.06-5-4 LOT 21,22,23,24, ROBBINS 521 W Commerce St Brownstown 47220
361700025 36-42-11-300-012.000-003 $3,407.57 McKnight, Lezli S., Christopher Williams & Ross E1/2 SW 11-4-2 74.50A 5941 S County Road 1250 W Medora 47260
361700027 36-42-12-400-015.000-003 $798.70 Gorbett, Douglas L PT NW SE 12-4-2 10.15A 5746 S County Road 1100 W MEDORA 47260
361700028 36-42-13-400-015.000-003 $2,154.21 Kessner, Mark Allen & Amber Nicole Hackney jt/rs PT SE 13-4-2 1.10A 6894 S County Road 1100 W Medora 47260
361700029 36-43-05-100-002.000-003 $1,013.39 Arnett, Gary & Beverly Jo PT NE NE 5-4-3 3A 4215 S County Road 925 W Medora 47260
361700031 36-52-24-800-001.000-003 $4,379.93 Abner, Larry David & Mary M PT NE 24-5-2 115.29A 39.720 A in Classified Forest 11070 W County Road 150 S Norman 47264
361700032 36-52-25-100-004.000-003 $205.90 Abner, David & Mary PT NE 25-5-2 4A Tankersley JT/RS 10835 W County Road 250 S Medora 47260
361700033 36-52-35-400-009.000-003 $255.40 Ingram, Walter & Patricia L PT SE 35-5-2 15.94A. 12000 W Block Co Rd 425 S MEDORA 47260 S
361700034 36-52-36-400-008.001-003 $778.77 George, Jennifer NE SE R/W 36-5-2 1AC 3393 S County Road 1125 W Medora 47260
361700035 36-53-19-200-003.000-003 $1,427.20 Abner, Larry David & Mary M PT NW 19-5-3 117.20A 79.059 A in Classified Forest 11000 W Block Co Rd 150 S Norman 47264
361700036 36-53-22-100-002.012-003 $159.20 Edwards, Roy D & Sarah K PT NE 22-5-3 2.83A 1200 S Block Co Rd 740 W Medora 47260
361700039 36-53-34-500-002.000-003 $771.40 Mann, Jesse PT NW 34-5-3 13.90A 3000 S Block County Road 740 W MEDORA 47260
361700042 36-53-34-104-001.000-004 $2,504.51 Isaacs, Jo-Ann ZOLLMAN ADD 31–4, 32–4 176 & 200 Mill St MEDORA 47260
361700044 36-53-34-401-002.000-004 $854.70 Simkins, Christina C 162–T, 163–T EXC. S1/2 101 S Mill St MEDORA 47260
361700045 36-53-34-401-010.000-004 $327.90 Bowman, Patricia A & Gary L 34-05-5-3 LOT 70-I 109 E Riley St MEDORA 47260
361700046 36-53-34-401-019.000-004 $4,144.15 Abner, David & Mary 65′ 37–D 3 S Perry St MEDORA 47260
361700047 36-53-34-401-020.000-004 $5,357.80 Abner, David & Mary 15’N SIDE 38 D, 6′ S SIDE LOT 37-D LEASE – UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE 17 S Perry St Medora 47260
361700050 36-53-34-401-052.000-004 $807.49 Miller, Tess Lynnette 66–G 71 1/2′ N END E SIDE 6 114 S David St MEDORA 47260
361700051 36-53-34-401-057.000-004 $179.45 Johnson, Fredrick S Contract To Jamie & Aimee Caudill 139–L 46 E Washington St MEDORA 47260
361700052 36-53-34-401-095.000-004 $597.67 Bowers, Junior A & Tina L LOT 166 BLK U 151 S Mill St MEDORA 47260
361700053 36-53-34-402-007.000-004 $563.89 Turner, M Lynn 110–V 140 W Scott St MEDORA 47260
361700054 36-53-34-402-018.000-004 $988.30 Hess, Deborah A. 10′ E SIDE LOT 207, 25′ W SIDE 208 25′ W SIDE LOT 209-W 158 W Scott St MEDORA 47260
361700055 36-53-34-402-030.000-004 $301.46 Phillips, Natalie 36′ OFF JOHN R JACKSON 17 31 Elm St MEDORA 47260
361700056 36-53-34-402-052.000-004 $751.10 Moore, Michael Wayne JOHN R JACKSON 21 116 S Jackson St MEDORA 47260
361700058 36-54-29-102-016.000-005 $1,906.33 Lokey, Steven M. & Joyce PT NE 29-5-4 .39A 3308 W Water St Vallonia 47281
361700061 36-54-29-104-026.000-005 $153.79 Peters, Joe M. Sr. S NE 29-5-4 .4A 2000 S Block State Road 135 VALLONIA 47281
361700062 36-54-33-200-005.001-005 $3,476.96 Tiemeyer, Timothy J & Jane E Tiemeyer PT NW 33-5-4 6.47A. 3141 S & 3147 County Road 300 W VALLONIA 47281
361700063 36-45-10-200-015.000-006 $478.48 Gumm, Rick L & Vickie L SW COR W1/2 NW 10-4-5 .69A 5462 S State Road 39 Brownstown 47220
361700066 36-64-10-100-004.000-007 $813.07 Wingler, Matthew R PT NE NE 10-6-4 2.57AC 1203 W State Road 258 Seymour 47274
361700068 36-65-10-203-001.000-007 $668.25 Waltz, Teresa TINDERS ADD LOT 28, 29, 30 6631 Mill St CORTLAND 47228
361700069 36-65-10-203-045.000-007 $146.53 Rose, Richard Eugene PT N 10.01-6-5 .08A 4000 E Block State Road 258 SEYMOUR 47274
361700071 36-75-26-200-012.000-007 $838.33 Greathouse, Lawrence Dwayne W PT N1/2 NW 26-7-5 1.735A 9800 N County Road 525 E Seymour 47274
361700073 36-66-22-401-061.000-008 $3,235.14 Skinner, Bryan & Kristina D White jt/rs PEBBLE BROOKE SUB IV, LOT 136 1093 Mockingbird Ln Seymour 47274
361700075 36-66-26-200-012.000-008 $505.03 Jackson, Matthew P PT W1/2 NW 3′ N SIDE 26-6-6 PT W1/2 26-6-6 1A 3873 N Us Highway 31 SEYMOUR 47274
361700076 36-66-27-100-011.000-008 $1,109.99 Miller, Gladys Faye PT NE 27-6-6 1.91A 3831 N County Road 1040 E Seymour 47274
361700078 36-66-34-200-020.002-008 $1,268.18 Pearson, Lorrie PT W1/2 NW 34-6-6 2.39AC 10466 E County Road 275 N Seymour 47274
361700082 36-66-15-400-024.000-009 $33,188.15 Stacey, Grover & Sondra E N 1/2 N 1/2 NE NE 22-6-6 4.59A PT SEC 15 4990 N US Highway 31 Seymour 47274
361700086 36-66-17-202-012.000-009 $1,734.17 Buffington, Steven R Contract To Camern McCormick SHIELDS LOT 19 BLK. 46 912 N Broadway St Seymour 47274
361700087 36-66-17-202-091.000-009 $907.16 Hughes, Zola , Curtis Hughes Jr , Carl L Hughes jt/rs L.L.SHIELDS ADD LOT 5 BLK 46 817 N Park St Seymour 47274
361700088 36-66-17-205-070.000-009 $4,424.60 Thompson, Carl A & Sherry G MW SHIELDS 17–56 729 E 5th St Seymour 47274
361700089 36-66-17-206-021.000-009 $7,662.11 Hargis, Michael & Tara Hargis & Donna Bensheimer jt/rs SHIELDS 5′ W SIDE 346–W SHIELDS 344–W 503 E 3rd St Seymour 47274
361700092 36-66-17-317-012.000-009 $5,105.36 Laupus, Joseph F SHIELDS ADD 30′ N PT E1/2 LOT 225 207 N Chestnut St Seymour 47274
361700093 36-66-17-317-012.090-009 $5,434.41 Laupus, Joseph F SHIELDS ADD 80′ S END LOT 225-W 200 W 2nd St Seymour 47274
361700094 36-66-17-317-013.000-009 $4,230.80 Haney, Katrena SHIELDS W PT S PT 225–W 202 W 2nd St Seymour 47274
361700096 36-66-17-319-012.000-009 $2,059.30 Killey, Alan D. SHIELDS W 1/2 LOT 17-W 103 E Brown St Seymour 47274
361700097 36-66-17-322-035.000-009 $367.73 Hyland, James F & Joyce A SHIELDS 16-2/3′ N SIDE LOT 3-53 SHIELDS 16-2/3′ S SIDE 309 S Broadway St Seymour 47274
361700098 36-66-17-322-063.000-009 $598.90 Sajvin, Melanie D Cruz SHIELDS 3–52 311 S Vine St Seymour 47274
361700099 36-66-17-322-089.000-009 $2,728.04 Mendez, Juan Alberto Lopez LEININGER ADD 38′ 20–54 221 S Park St Seymour 47274
361700101 36-66-17-403-164.000-009 $2,312.20 Pascaul, Fabiana Juan & Juana I Nicolas jt/rs HIGHLAWN 27–A HIGHLAWN 10′ N SIDE 28 323 Bush St Seymour 47274
361700104 36-66-18-102-033.000-009 $2,157.42 Smith, Orville Sonny & Douglas L Smith PT NE 18-6-6 .38A 845 N Elm St Seymour 47274
361700105 36-66-18-102-074.000-009 $2,182.90 Prentice, James M LAUGELS ADD LOT 2–B 406 W 8th St Seymour 47274
361700106 36-66-18-102-075.000-009 $261.26 Brewer, Toby & Courtney Cooper jt/rs LAUGELS ADD LOT 1–B 402 W 8th St Seymour 47274
361700107 36-66-18-204-016.000-009 $1,848.50 Zike, Jeffrey 18.06-6-6 LOT 80 SUNSET PKWY 930 South Dr Seymour 47274
361700109 36-66-18-314-035.000-009 $1,953.97 Klakamp, Sue A STEIG. ADD LOT 17 308 Carter Blvd Seymour 47274
361700110 36-66-18-401-010.000-009 $1,376.87 Cardenas, Juan Jose Rodriguez & Yazmin Rodriguez M.W. SHIELDS W1/2 LOT 1201/2 BLK W 518 N Chestnut St Seymour 47274
361700111 36-66-18-403-014.000-009 $2,041.88 Polley, Thomas W & Judith L W SEYMOUR LOT 32–4_ CONTRACT: STEVEN & SUSAN SUITS 317 N Elm St Seymour 47274
361700112 36-66-18-405-043.000-009 $231.03 Shelton, Thelma H SHIELDS 441–9 222 S Lynn St SEYMOUR 47274
361700113 36-66-19-101-077.000-009 $840.19 Baranowski, Betty BUTLER ADD 20′ OFF N SIDE LOT 7-E BUTLER ADD 25′ LOT S S 625 S Poplar St Seymour 47274
361700117 36-66-20-102-015.000-009 $959.98 Field, Marvin C & Janet KLOECKER ADD LOT 2 623 S Obrien St Seymour 47274
361700118 36-66-20-103-068.000-009 $588.56 Davis, Brandon & Kayla POLLEY SUB SEC I LOT 4 623 Ash St Seymour 47274
361700119 36-66-20-201-038.000-009 $621.22 Briseno, Kelly Patricia & Noah Briseno & Yolanda Briseno jt/rs PFINGST ADD 23–2 221 E Laurel St Seymour 47274
361700121 36-66-20-204-061.000-009 $2,349.71 Reynolds, Justin Ryan & Kerri PARK GARDENS 31 815 Evergreen Dr Seymour 47274
361700123 36-52-11-300-027.000-010 $1,965.86 Wellman, Glenda J S PT W1/2 SW 11-5-2 8A. 12796 W Base Rd Norman 47264
361700124 36-52-11-300-027.001-010 $439.76 Wellman, Autumn Lynn & Kayla Joyce Wellman jt/rs S PT W1/2 SW 11-5-2 2A 12826 W Base Rd Norman 47264
361700125 36-52-11-300-027.002-010 $558.42 Wellman, Glenda J S PT W1/2 SW 11-5-2 1A. 12796 W Base Rd Norman 47264
361700127 36-52-14-200-005.002-010 $304.38 Graham, Tommy Joe Jr & Lisa A Kirschbaum Rights / Survivor PT NW 14-5-2 2.32A 200 S. County Road 1250 W Norman 47264
361700128 36-53-04-300-013.005-010 $3,600.04 Cummings, Cole C PT NE SW 4-5-3 1A. 8705 W County Road 150 N Medora 47260
361700129 36-53-04-300-013.007-010 $5,527.53 Cummings, Phillip & Wesley M Cummings t/c PT NE SW 4-5-3 24.46A. 8564 W County Road 150 N Medora 47260
361700130 36-53-04-900-013.012-010 $374.80 Cummings, Phillip & Wesley Cummings t/c PT SE 4-5-3 15.89AC 8000 W Block County Road 150 N MEDORA 47260
361700131 36-53-04-900-013.013-010 $1,580.32 Cummings, Phillip & Zoe L PT SE 4-5-3 3.08AC 8600 W Block County Road 150 N MEDORA 47260
361700132 36-53-09-400-020.000-010 $3,682.75 Underwood, Michael L PT E SIDE SE SE IMP 9-5-3 1A 169 N County Road 790 W Medora 47260
361700133 36-53-16-400-025.000-010 $13,465.64 Burton, Timothy P & Angela R PT SE SE 16-5-3 26.37A. 8121 W County Road 75 S Medora 47260
361700137 36-62-14-301-015.002-010 $525.31 Sluder, Larry 14.01-6-2 NORMAN LOTS 42, 43, 44 & 45 5425 N Mackey St NORMAN 47264
361700140 36-63-16-201-034.000-010 $370.45 Bruner, Thomas R & Linda K KURTZ LOT 114, 115 5832 N Broadway St NORMAN 47264
361700141 36-63-16-201-035.000-010 $370.45 Bruner, Thomas R & Linda K KURTZ 112-G, 113-G 5000 N Block Hendricks St NORMAN 47264
361700143 36-63-26-400-008.018-010 $172.89 Gupta, Vinod C PT SE 26-6-3 TRACT S 7.68A 3000 N Block County Road 650 W BROWNSTOWN 47220
361700144 36-63-26-400-008.019-010 $493.75 Lollar, Omer & Joy PT SE 26-6-3 TRACT T 7.43A 3247 N County Road 650 W BROWNSTOWN 47220
361700145 36-63-29-401-020.000-010 $847.30 Hoaks, Curtis C, Barbara Sue Pray Curtis Michael Hoaks 29.01-6-3 CLEARSPRING LOT 54 & 67 9123 W Cross St Norman 47264
361700146 36-63-30-600-004.000-010 $2,431.56 Gates, George & Alice -Life Estate & David & Demona Gates PT NW SW 30-6-3 83.33A Public Easement to Hoosier Hikers Council, Inc. 3473 N County Road 1100 W Norman 47264
361700147 36-63-02-200-011.000-011 $522.33 Barger, Dean W 1/2 NW 2-6-3 .20A 7000 N Block County Road 675 W FREETOWN 47235
361700150 36-63-02-400-021.000-011 $2,364.71 Weekly, John C & Laura L PT SE 2-6-3 12.75AC 6149 W County Road 700 N Freetown 47235
361700151 36-64-06-700-035.000-011 $4,151.22 Brumfield, Todd A & Katherine G PT SW 6-6-4 21.39AC 4566 W State Road 58 Freetown 47235
361700152 36-64-07-303-014.000-011 $2,406.19 Burnside, Jason W 7.03-6-4 JONES FREEPORT PT LOTS 1E & 3E 6712 N Union St FREETOWN 47235
361700153 36-64-07-303-040.000-011 $1,827.40 Greathouse, Gary W & Cheryl P MAHALAVILLE 8-B 6668 N Glendenning St Freetown 47235
361700155 36-64-08-300-015.000-011 $753.66 Carpenter, Jeffrey A PT E1/2 SW 8-6-4 11A 3521 W County Road 650 N Freetown 47235
361700158 36-74-18-400-007.001-011 $705.49 Deaver, Rose M & David C Brooks & Sara D Brooks PT S1/2 SE 18-7-4 15A. EASEMENT TO GTE NORTH INCORPORATED 11000 N Block County Road 400 SEYMOUR 47274 W
361700159 36-74-28-400-029.000-011 $789.17 Stacey, Grover & Sondra PT SE 28-7-4 1.90A 2318 W State Road 58 Seymour 47274
361700162 36-66-02-300-018.002-012 $1,021.13 Deaver, Rose M PT SW 2-6-6 1A. 7367 N US Highway 31 Seymour 47274
361700164 36-66-05-304-026.000-012 $2,740.14 Hoene, Thomas W & Janice L SEC 1 PT SW SW 5-6-6 .48A. 400 Block Redding Rd SEYMOUR 47274
361700165 36-76-14-300-017.000-012 $1,535.89 Hennsley, Sharon K PT SE SW 14-7-6 1A 11225 N US Highway 31 Seymour 47274
361700166 36-76-23-300-030.000-012 $1,936.70 Cassetty, Jerry D & Phyllis PT NW 23-7-6 4.16A INCLUDES LOTS 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, REDDING 10266 N US Highway 31 Seymour 47274
361700168 36-76-35-100-004.000-012 $628.55 Zanghi, Nicole M PT NE 35-7-6 1.670A 11669 E County Road 900 N Seymour 47274
361700171 36-66-07-404-023.000-013 $2,102.91 Ison, Barb & Char Ison jt/rs WOODSTOCK LOT 82 BLK E 207 E 13th St Seymour 47274
361700172 36-66-07-404-067.000-013 $1,607.49 Warner, Carla J WOODSTOCK E1/2 LOT 58 WOODSTOCK PT LOT 59 205 E 11th St Seymour 47274
361700173 36-66-08-304-037.002-013 $1,922.62 Rose, Gretchen PT SW SW 8-6-6 0.982AC 534 E 13th St Seymour 47274
361700174 36-66-08-305-028.000-013 $3,168.00 Nalley, Anita NOBLITT-PRUITT 50X150 LOT 27 1022 Center St Seymour 47274
361700175 36-66-08-404-026.000-013 $2,721.56 Calvo, Leisha Lopez WILDWOOD COURT LOT 11 1000 Wildwood Ct Seymour 47274
361700176 36-63-06-300-009.000-014 $792.79 Parker, Harold G & Kathy M PT NE SW 6-6-3 1.4A 10650 W County Road 760 N Norman 47264
361700177 36-73-15-400-015.000-014 $1,066.02 Hatton, Larry & Beverly PT S 1/2 NW SE 15-7-3 5.00A. 7315 W County Road 1125 N Freetown 47235
361700178 36-73-27-201-012.000-014 $248.21 Neal, Lena UPPER HOUSTON LOT 12 7926 W County Road 975 N Norman 47264
361700180 36-46-03-200-024.001-015 $1,119.44 Marling, James L & Lucille J PT NW 3-4-6 2.50A_ AFFIDAVIT TO TRANSFER TO REAL ESTATE 11/14/13 INS # 201308763 10134 E County Road 400 S Crothersville 47229
361700183 36-46-08-400-012.000-015 $1,300.92 Webbed Foot Property ,LLC PT SE 8-4-6 40.3A. WARRANTY EASEMENT DEED TO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Wetlands Reserve Program) 8000 E Block County Road 600 S CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700184 36-46-09-400-026.000-015 $2,548.76 West, Elvin R N1/2 SE IMP 9-4-6 73A 5000 S Block County Road 1000 CROTHERSVILLE 47229 E
361700185 36-46-09-400-027.000-015 $345.09 West, Roland Wilmer & Elvin E & Byron L N1/2 SE 9-4-6 1A 5000 S Block County Road 1000 CROTHERSVILLE 47229 E
361700186 36-46-09-400-028.000-015 $275.06 West, Roland Wilmer & Elvin E & Byron L SE COR N1/2 SE IMP 9-4-6 1A 5654 S County Road 1000 E Crothersville 47229
361700187 36-46-17-100-001.000-015 $1,739.85 Webbed Foot Property ,LLC PT NE 17-4-6 40.35A. 8000 E Block County Road 600 S CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700190 36-46-29-300-016.003-015 $1,023.74 Couch, Mary E PT SW 29-4-6 1A 8413 S County Road 850 E Austin 47102
361700193 36-46-33-300-018.000-015 $2,141.73 Miller, Marshall E. PT S SW 33-4-6 1A 9927 S County Road 900 E Austin 47102
361700194 36-56-11-100-006.000-015 $668.75 Temple, Richard A PT NE 11-5-6 .90A_ CONTRACT : TIMMY L ROBBINS JR INS # 200300196 RECORDED 59/1024 544 N US Highway 31 Seymour 47274
361700195 36-56-14-100-010.000-015 $251.75 Hinnefeld, Russell & Christy PT N END E1/2 SW NE IMP 14-5-6 1.5A. WATER LINE EASEMENT TO JACKSON COUNTY WATER UTILITY, INC. 300 S Block Us Highway 31 SEYMOUR 47274
361700196 36-56-22-300-028.000-015 $318.47 Murphy, Steven L & Charlotte S SW SW 22-5-6 1A 2000 S County Road 1025 E Crothersville 47229
361700197 36-56-22-300-030.000-015 $372.33 Murphy, Steven L & Charlotte Susan PT SW 22-5-6 10.241A. TRACT 2 & 3 2000 S County Road 1025 E Crothersville 47229
361700199 36-56-27-400-011.001-015 $2,092.10 Mosley, Kirby PT NW SE IMP 27-5-6 15.45AC 10737 E State Road 250 Crothersville 47229
361700200 36-56-27-400-014.000-015 $571.26 Mosley, Kirby L. PT NW SE 27-5-6 1.466AC 10000 E Block State Road 250 CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700203 36-46-10-103-017.000-016 $4,742.54 DT Holdings LLC COLLMAN LOT 2 & 3 601 S & 603 Seymour Rd CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700204 36-46-10-303-017.000-016 $5,276.77 Parnell, James PT SW 10.05-4-6 .54A 100 S Bethany Rd Crothersville 47229
361700205 36-46-10-304-031.000-016 $3,161.92 Stacey, Grover & Sondra E1/2 U.S.SHOE CORP. LOT 2 U.S.SHOE CORP LOT 1 500 W Howard St Crothersville 47229
361700206 36-46-10-304-058.000-016 $929.03 Stacey, Grover BENHAM & DENSFORD LOT 6 400 W Block Howard St CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700207 36-46-10-304-072.000-016 $1,608.92 Southern Indiana Home Properties LLC PT LOT 16 302 W Howard St Crothersville 47229
361700208 36-46-10-304-075.000-016 $1,733.16 Jones, Travis W OWENS ADD LOTS 29 & 30 304 Mill St Crothersville 47229
361700209 36-46-10-401-003.004-016 $290.71 Callaway, Herman Edward & Betty Jean PT 10-4-6 .907A. 600 E Block Walnut St CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700210 36-46-10-401-021.000-016 $5,472.86 Gay, Paul & Penny PT TRACTS B & C, 10-4-6 .33A 614 E Bard St Crothersville 47229
361700211 36-46-10-402-073.000-016 $3,227.14 Guy, Oliver C & Ethel PETERS W1/2 LOT 5 & 6 301 Vine St Crothersville 47229
361700212 36-46-10-403-018.000-016 $2,699.22 Womack, Howard V & Daisy M E 1/2 LOT 40 IN DAVIS ADD. 202 E Howard St Crothersville 47229
361700213 36-46-10-403-021.000-016 $929.05 Bryant, Bruce & Donna E DAVIS & CO. LOT 43_ CONTRACT: LANCE & BIANCA SNIDER 07/15/08 INS#200805975 113 N & 115 Armstrong St CROTHERSVILLE 47229
361700214 36-46-10-403-053.000-016 $3,406.42 Perry, Bertha PT SW SE ORIG. 10-4-6 .24A 108 W Main St Crothersville 47229
361700218 36-46-10-403-118.000-016 $957.98 Uniontown Victory Tabernacle Church Inc Contract To Paul A & Kelly S Hensley 10.07-4-6 APPLEGATE LOTS 11, 12 & 13 110 Short St Crothersville 47229
361700220 36-46-11-303-029.000-016 $991.67 Greathouse, Marie P & James R Greathouse PT E1/2 NW SW 11-4-6 .44A 218 West St Crothersville 47229
361700221 36-46-15-101-012.001-016 $659.46 Densford, Courtney DANIELS LOT 12 & DANIELS PT LOT 13 204 Central Ave Crothersville 47229
Total Properties: 140
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true list of lots and land returned delinquent for the nonpayment of taxes and special assessments for the time periods set forth, also subsequent delinquent taxes, current taxes and costs due thereon and the same are chargeable with the amount of tax, etc., with which they are charged on said list.
Given under my hand and seal this 20th day of September, 2017.
Kathy S. Hohenstreiter, Auditor
Jackson County Indiana
9/20 hspaxlp


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