You Like Us…You Really Like Us!

by Charley Kovener    

I found some important news and its something I am yappy happy to share with you.

For more than two decades me and my canine brothers and sisters have been America’s most popular dog. The Labrador retriever has continued its 22-year reign as America’s top dog, but a determined bulldog is gaining ground in the popularity stakes.

The American Kennel Club’s annual ranking of most popular dog breeds showed we Labradors in the lead, with other large dogs moving up and once-popular smaller breeds such as the Yorkshire terrier and the miniature poodle losing some ground..

The bulldog has muscled his way into the top five displacing the popular Yorkie, which dropped to sixth. A critter that can be carried around a store in a purse just isn’t a real dog

The No. 2 in popularity was the German shepherd, followed by a cousin of mine, the golden retriever and the beagle, which swapped the third and fourth spots from last year’s rankings.

With more than two continuous decades as the United States’ most popular breed, we Labradors tied the feat of the poodle, which was tops for 22 straight years in the 1980s and 1990s, AKC said. The coiffeur enhanced poodles took a lowly eighth spot this year.

We Labradors come in different temperaments, just like our humans do. We’re just everyday, intelligent, loving animals. Curt, my human, would add goofy, drooling for food and flatulent to those characteristics, but let’s not get too personal.

The AKC revealed its rankings in advance of this week’s Westminster Kennel Club dog show, the nation’s most prestigious dog competition that culminates with the “best in show” award at Madison Square Garden.

I’ll be laying on the couch watching every minute of it, too.