Weekend Show Gives Taste Of County’s Early Farm Life

Antique tractors, farm equipment, and rustic art were hallmarks of the two-day antique farm machinery exhibition held west of the Jackson County Fairgrounds.

Charles Badger of Henryville makes some adjustments to his 6 horsepower antique engine. The 2,000 pound engine was built in 1918 and would be used to power a threshing machine or sawmill, Badger said. When onlookers marveled at its size and producing just 6 horsepower, he quipped, “Briggs & Stratton pretty much made these engines obsolete.”
Below chainsaw artist Sheri Kieffner of Ferdinand places black marbles into the recently carved barred owl. Kieffner takes logs of pine and a couple of chainsaws to create animals, birds and woodland plants. The darker colors of the wood are created by briefly burning to carved creation.