Weather ‘Emergency’ Whether It Is or Not

by Curt Kovener

I believe that it would be an understatement to say we’ve had a bit of weather this past week. Lots of rain; ample amount of wind, some of it angry and violent.
And I want to be adequately notified in advance of impending weather coming my way.
But TV and radio weather prognosticators have become drama queens in the task to telling us about approaching weather.
Back in the cold months I was warned by a TV weatherguy of an “impending winter storm which could dump up to two inches of snow on the area!”
Now since when does a two-inch snow qualify for a “winter storm”?
And a winter storm can be just an aggravating nuisance which can delay transportation and plans for a while.
And knowing about the possibility of heavy rain can be good if I need to get the some mowing equipment in or close some windows.
And I definitely want to know about impending angry wind or the straight or swirling type.
But do the weather people have to be do dramatic in the notification?
Truth be told, they scare me. And I don’t like being scared.
Why not just tell me there are strong winds approaching and maybe you ought to head to the basement. Not “a possible tornado has been sighted in southwest Jackson County heading east. Winds in excess of 50 mph. Take cover immediately!”
After hearing that and getting scared and heading to the basement, I can get even more scared if, indeed, the wind begins blowing harder and erratically.
I have found that satellite TV lets me down when I need it most so I rely on the computer generated voice of the weather radio. It is dull and monotonous. But just the kind of soothing thing I need when nature gets angry.