Water Tower Work To Begin After Labor Day

Crothersville Utilities will be taking the town’s 300,000 gallon water high tower out of service for maintenance sometime the first week of September, according to Crothersville Water Utility Superintendent Chris Mains.

Suez Advanced Solutions of Westfield, IN will be performing exterior painting and draining the tower for interior coating and installing a mixer to keep the water agitated to help prevent rust.

Mains explained that while the water tower, which provides pressure for utility customers and fire hydrants, is drained, the utility department will maintain water pressure by keeping the pumps in the water plant running 24hours a day.

“Pressure relief valves will be placed on some fire hydrants throughout town to help maintain water pressure throughout the system,” said Mains. “Some of the hydrants will have water from them for a few weeks which is normal for this process.”

The entire project is scheduled for 4-5 weeks, he said..