Utility Moratorium Goes Away, But Crothersville Has a Payment Plan

For those who have had difficulty paying the local municipal utility bills due to financial struggles during all the Covid 19 shut downs, Crothersville has development a payment plan for those who have got behind between March 14 and August 14.
Due to an executive order by Gov. Eric Holcomb, utilities were prevented from shutting off service for non-paid bills until last Friday, Aug. 14.
“There will be a contract between the customer and the town,” explained town council president Danieta Foster. The arrears will be set up for six installments, with 1/6th of the arrears due each month.
“All payments, plus the current bill will be due on the 15th of each month,” she said. “Both must remain current to maintain water service.”
Town utility customers who find themselves behind are encouraged to call town hall, at 812-793-2311, to make arrangements with Clerk-Treasurer Staci Peters.
“We want to help those in need of this service,” said Foster.
If no arrangements are made, those who do not pay their past due utility bill by September 15 will face service disconnection, and a reconnect fee to have service restored, urged Foster.
“Please help us help you,” she said.