Uno, Dos, Tres

Curt-lineby Curt Kovener

Trouble comes in threes. Three strikes and you’re out. “Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me,” “You’re once, twice, three times a Lady.” But there are other trios that we are now going to test your knowledge, thanks to my Bathroom Book of Lists.
•Continuing with the musical lyric theme, from Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ who are the 3 men he admires the most? Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
•What are the 3 primary colors? Red, Yellow, Blue.
•Name the 3 Little Pigs: Fifer Pig (house of straw), Fiddler Pig (house of sticks) and Practical Pig (house of bricks).
•Who were the original 3 Stooges? Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard.
•Name the 3 Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, Aramis.
•Of course you know horse racing’s triple crown: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes.
•But what is baseball’s triple crown? When a player leads the league in batting average, home runs and runs batted in.
•According to Ernest Hemingway, the only 3 sports are bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering. “All the rest are merely games,” he said.
•In case you didn’t hear, what are the three bones in the human ear? Malleus (hammer), Incus (anvil), & Stapes (stirrup).
•Since you are reading this bit of prose, surely, you remember from high school English class the three points of view in writing: First person (I, we), Second person (you), and Third person (he, she, they).
•Remember Sigmund Freud’s 3 parts of personality? Id (Unconscious mind, acts on instincts), Ego (conscious mind, keeps the id in check), and Super-Ego (the moral center, distinguishes between right and wrong.) If you thought Super-Ego referred to today’s politicians, you get extra credit.
•From your high school health class, what are the three body types? Ectomorph (tall, thin), Endomorph (short, round), and Mesomorph (athletic).
•What were the 3 Axis Powers of World War II? Germany, Italy and Japan.
•More recently, what countries did President George W. Bush call the ‘Axis of Evil’? Iran, Iraq, North Korea.
•What are the 3 branches of government? Legislative (congress which drafts laws), Judicial (which rules on the constitutionality of the laws passed), and Executive (the cabinet, VP and president who sign or veto laws) Although, today it seems, those lines are getting blurred.