Two Charged After Fatal Shooting In Scott County

An intended confrontation over a woman and a plan to steal drugs and money resulted in the shooting death of a rural Scott County man.
Scott County Sheriff’s deputies said Scott Mitchell, 45, of Lexington, was pronounced dead at the scene after he was shot in the chest.

Lonnie  Smith

Lonnie Smith

According to the Scott County Sheriff’s office, in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 25, law enforcement responded to two separate 911 calls reporting shots fired at 5668 E. Johnny Johnson Road west of Scottsburg.
Deputies reported that the first caller advised 911 dispatchers that someone had been shot at the residence. The second 911 call was from Robert Wiesman, of Crothersville, who told dispatchers that he had just been involved in an incident on Johnny Johnson Road involving a firearm.
When deputies arrived at the residence they found Mitchell, lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the chest. Scott County Coroner Jerry Buchanan pronounced Mitchell dead at the scene

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

Deputies spoke with two residents of the Johnny Johnson Road home— Jessica Smith, 32, and Lonnie Smith, 39.
At the time the Smiths each told detectives that Wiesman came to their home, a confrontation ensued, Wiesman fired two or three shots, one that struck Mitchell, then left the residence.
But detectives said details of the incident told by the Smiths and Wiesman did not agree, according to the probable cause affidavit filed in Scott Circuit Court last Thursday.
The court document reported that Wiesman had been contacted by Amanda Williams who asked him for a ride home. While he was taking her home, she used his cell phone to text someone, according to the affidavit.
Wiesman told authorities that he was later contacted by Jessica Smith, whom he later learned was the person Williams had texted.
Wiesman told authorities that he had never met Jessica Smith prior to that night. Smith texted him that she was alone and invited him to her residence. Wiesman told authorities that “she made it sound like she would have sexual relations with him while he was there,” according to the court document
The court affidavit stated that the communication between Smith and Wiesman was encouraged by Mitchell and Lonnie Smith as a way to lure Wiesman to the home where Mitchell could confront Wiesman “and have a man to man talk” about his relationship with Williams, the court document read.
Jessica Smith said that Mitchell was an occasional resident at her home, according to the probable cause. She told detectives that Williams had been at her residence and Mitchell had taken her home earlier that day then he returned to the Smith home.
Jessica Smith told authorities that during the time she was texting Wiesman, Mitchell and Lonnie Smith were discussing plans to rob Wiesman of money and drugs when he arrived.
When Wiesman arrived, Jessica Smith showed him into the family room and engaged him in conversation when Mitchell and Lonnie Smith came out of a back bedroom. Mitchell punched Wiesman and Lonnie Smith hit Wiesman with a stick, according to the court document.
Wiesman reported he pulled a firearm from the front pocket of his hoodie. He said as he was trying to leave the residence, both men continued their attack. Wiesman told police he fired several shots and at least one hit Mitchell. Wiesman escaped and left in his vehicle, he told police during questioning at the Scott county Jail.
After questioning, deputies charged Jessica Smith with three counts of robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, obstruction of justice, and false informing.
While being booked into Scott County Jail, authorities discovered that Lonnie Smith was concealing a syringe in his crotch and he told jailors he had methamphetamine concealed in his anus. Neither Smith nor jail staff could retrieve the drug so Smith was transported to Scott Hospital where medical technicians were successful in removing a plastic baggie that contained one gram of methamphetamine. He later told authorities that Jessica Smith had given him the drug.
Lonnie Smith was charged with three counts of robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, possession of a syringe, possession of methamphetamine, and false informing.
Robert Wiesman, the gunman in the incident, was questioned by authorities and released.