Trash, Recycling Fees To Stay The Same For Next Year, But…

Residents of Crothersville will see no change to their monthly fee for trash and recycling in 2017 thanks to Rumpke Recycling seeking no change to their existing contract charges for the first year of a new 2-year contract. However, in 2018 residents will see an increase.
Rumpke currently charges the town $9.47 per month per household for weekly trash pick up and bi-weekly recycling collection. The town charges each household $9.50 per month on their monthly utility bill, said clerk-treasurer Terry Richey. “So our charges to town residents will not change for 2017,” she said.
But the second year of the Rumpke contract, the firm will charge the town $9.66 per household.
“It’s pretty obvious that we can’t operate in a deficit situation so the council will need to make a decision next year on how much to raise trash and recycling fees for 2018,” she said.
“With the 1% increase is water coming in 2017 and with the implementation of the new $3 a month Storm Water Utility fee, the council felt increasing the trash and recycling costs to residents could be too much of a burden for some,” said Richey.
Twice yearly large trash pick up will remain a part of the contract for the next two years.
Best Way, a trash collection firm from Jennings County declined to submit a bid, town council president Lenvel ‘Butch’ Robinson said.
The Crothersville Town Council approved the two-year contract at their Nov. 1 meeting.