Trash Collection Fees Going Up In Crothersville; New, Larger Wheeled Carts To Be Provided


Chris Pierce (left) of Rumpke of Indiana and Debbie Hackman, director of the Jackson County Recycling District show the new brown trash and green recycling containers which will be delivered to local residents after the first of the year.


Trash Collection fees will be going up a dollar a month in Crothersville after the first of the year. Currently residents pay $9.50 a month for weekly trash collection. That fee will increase to $10.50 per month and will be seen on residents February 2019 monthly combined water-sewer-trash-recycling-stormwater utility bill.
As a part of the two-year agreement, unanimously approved last week by the Crothersville Town Council, residents will no longer carry trash bags to the curb or use the red bins for bi-weekly recycling. Instead, large 95-gallon plastic two-wheeled carts will be supplied to each household.
“Nothing changes from our past trash and recycling collection schedule,” said Rumpke representative Chris Pierce. “The carts—brown for trash and green for recycling—will make it more convenient and efficient for our customers and collection drivers.”
“And residents find that with trash and recyclables in a container with a lid there is not the problem with dogs, cats & birds getting into the trash and scattering by the wind is eliminated,” said Pierce. “Set it out the night before pickup and it all is safely contained.”
“And history has shown that the larger recycling carts result in more recycling and less trash going to the landfill. And that’s the whole purpose behind the Jackson County recycling movement,” said Debbie Hackman, director of the Jackson County Recycling District.
While the monthly trash collection fee will increase to $10.50 per household, that does not cover the Rumpke contract cost of $13.61 per month. The Jackson County Recycling District will pick up the monthly $3.11 per household shortfall.
“We are helping with the town’s trash collection costs because by encouraging more recycling, less trash will be filling up the landfill in the western part of the county,” said Hackman.
Town councilman Lenvel ‘Butch’ Robinson, who represents the town on the county recycling district board, said that he saw a demonstration of the new carts that town residents will be using.
“Even though they are larger and hold nearly 100 pounds, they are well balanced with sturdy wheels so that even we elderly residents will not have any trouble wheeling them to the curb,” he said.
Hackman said that the same totes were begun being used in Brownstown earlier this year. “The amount of recycling tripled,” she said of the change.

What Can Be Recycled In Jackson County
•Plastic bottles (#1 &#2) such as soft drink bottles, mike jugs, detergent containers, shampoo bottles
•Glass bottles & jars
•Steel & aluminum cans
•Cardboard (corrugated and paperboard like cereal boxes
•Newspapers, Magazines, paper, books
•Cartons (juice & Milk, etc)
What Can NOT Go In Recycling Carts
•Butter & yogurt containers
•Plastic bags
•Ceramics, window glass, mirrors
•Fast food cups & straws
•Yard Waste