Town Council Weathers ‘Stormy’ Meeting

Insurance concerns from storm damage at Countryside Park from the Sept. 14 winds and employee health insurance coverage were among the matters handled by the Crothersville Town Council when they met Oct. 7.

It was reported that the hurricane like winds on Sept. 14, damaged dugout roofs and the town’s well house at Countryside Park west of town. Damage was estimated at the time to be a little over $8,100. However, the town has a $10,000 deductible on their property & casualty insurance policy.

Clerk Treasurer NaLona Bush was directed to contact Jackson County Emergency Management Director Duane Davis to see if the town is eligible for FEMA funds. Otherwise, the town will have to fix the roofs from its own funds.

In another wind related matter, the town took no action on a claim by Mike Anthony that an East Walnut Street tree between the street and sidewalk fell and damaged his vehicle. Anthony claimed that the tree was in the town right-of-way and was the town’s responsibility for the damage.

In yet another storm damage matter, Level ‘Butch’ Robinson of North Kovener Street told the council that a neighboring home owned by Gill Enterprises of Seymour is uninhabited and probably falls under the town’s direct property ordinance.

“There are tree limbs down, damaged roof and no one is cleaning it up,” Robinson told the council.

Councilman Bill Nagle was assigned the task of inspecting the property and, if warranted, calling a special public hearing for a determination of if the property violated the local ordinance.

The council heard a presentation by Roxanne Bixler of Marley Insurance in Scottsburg seeking the town’s employee health insurance business. After learning that the coverage offered by SIHO was less costly to the town and improved coverage for employees—noting that no employee voiced objection to changing from Anthem—the council approved switching health insurance carriers.

Announcing that the agreed order has been signed by the town and IDEM on the Combined Sewer Overflow problem, council president Ardell Mitchell said progress is being made on removing surface water from the town’s sanitary sewer system.

The council agreed to purchase a stainless steel screen manufactured by Crane Hill Machine of Brownstown. The firm proposed to build a screen to filter debris in the sewer system for $2,600. S-Tech in Crothersville proposed to construct the screen for $4,200.

The town will observe Trick or Treat night on Oct. 31 from 6-8 p.m. Residents welcoming trick or treaters should turn on their front porch lights during that time.