There Ought To Be A Hall Of Fame For Mommas

by Curt Kovener

While we were growing up our mothers taught us life lessons. At the time we thought she was being mean and overbearing but with the benefit of maturity and gray hair we now know those were chidings which had deeper messages.
Unfortunately, most of us were too young to really appreciate their value. Sunday is Mothers’ Day and an appropriate time to review her advice you got when you were a kid.
“Clean your room… now!”
Get things done today and you won’t have to worry about them. If you let things pile up, it will be difficult to catch up.
“You can play once your chores are done.”
Get your work done before you take a break. Then you can relax and have a good time.
“Don’t waste your time.”
Time goes by very fast. Don’t wait to pursue your dreams.
“Be nice to your friends and they will be nice to you.”
People respond to the way you treat them. If you are mean and selfish, no one will want to play with you or even be around you. Share your toys, your food, your “stuff” and don’t be a bully. Be considerate of the feelings of others.
“Do your homework.”
Success takes work. If you don’t put in the effort, you won’t reap the rewards. Those who work hard will succeed.
“Be thankful for what you have.”
There are many who are not as fortunate as you. Be grateful for your home and family. It doesn’t matter what someone else has.
“Don’t complain.”
Whining is annoying. If you have something to say, say it. If you complain all the time, no one will want to listen to you.
“Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you.”
It doesn’t matter what other people say. Don’t allow others to upset you. There will always be mean people. Don’t pay attention to them.
A belated thanks to mothers who tried to teach youthful unhearing ears.