The Other Kind Of Winter Beauty

by Curt Kovener Curt line

There have been some pleasant sights and sounds around town recently.
The wonderful sound of drip-drip-drip as snow melts from the roof and runs down the gutter downspout.
Then there is the delightful, if not ugly in an attractive sort of way, view of pavement and gravel with no ice or packed snow. And then there is the uncovering of beautiful brown grass.
After three weeks of snow and sliding and slick and squinting even with sunglasses, a little winter ugly is welcome. Granted it is not as photogenic but it is a welcome diversion.
A week ago I made my way to the wilderness to check on things and blazed a fresh trail through the snow covered lane. I had no problem in the little SUV navigating the hills in fresh fallen snow. But Saturday when I tried to make another trek, the slushy snow melt only allowed me about 50-feet up the lane. Three attempts I made but the 4-wheel drive was defeated by nature’s melting slush.
I am sure that by now the lake level has risen and the creeks are singing a watery snow melt run-off melody.
I have found that even with temperatures nearing 60° as they did Sunday, the water running down the wilderness lane is much more docile that a 4-5 inch gulley washer in the spring. There is a reason those kinds of rains are called “gulley washers”.
I am looking forward o the next three weeks passing. I have found that once the calendar gets past “the ides of March” (March 15 for those who don’t remember anything about Greek tragedy), that the threat of long-time snow covering is reduced. We still could have some snow but it doesn’t stay around as long as this last one imprisoned us.