Tax Bills May Be Up, Down, Or The Same Depending On Who You Are

The annual property tax bills will begin being delivered to Jackson County taxpayers this week and there are some changes. Some tax amounts may be higher, some may be lower, some may be the same depending on a variety of factors, officials said.
“If your taxes are higher it may be because of a higher assessment, a higher tax rate, or a higher or lower tax credit,” said county auditor Kathy Hohenstreiter.
In a press release sent out jointly by Hohenstreiter, County Treasurer Roger Hurt, and County Assessor Katie Kaufman, the three administrators of local property tax explained why your tax bill may be different this year.
“Prior to this year, the majority of tax credits were given to properties with Homestead Exemptions,” said the auditor. That would be on homes in which the owners live.
“This year the credits are now being more evenly distributed,” she said.
Hurt explained that last year owner occupied property received 31.9953% credit, agricultural land and non-owner occupied dwellings received a 6.7104% credit and personal property and farm buildings got a 3.4784% credit.
For the current taxpaying year, homeowners will receive a smaller credit or deduction (15.2878%) which means the property taxes homeowners pay may be higher than last year.
Owners of farm ground and landlords could be paying less because their credit increased from about 6.7% to 14.1662%.
And industries and individuals with personal property as well as owners of farm buildings could see a decrease in their tax bill as a result of an increase in tax credit from just over 3.4% to 6.7414%.
“The credit amount can be found on the Comparison Statement which is mailed with the tax bill. At the top of the page there is a Special Message To Taxpayers,” said Hurt.
Kaufman said that Form 11’s, the new notice of assessment, were mailed to all Jackson County real estate owners on March 30. “These will explain if your assessment on land, structures and total assessment went up or down from your previous assessment,” she said.
Taxpayers have the right to appeal their new assessed value but must do so by May 15.
Because the county treasurer’s office will be busy collecting taxes, property owners with questions about their assessment should call the assessor at 812-358-6111. Questions about a tax rate increase, tax credit increase or decrease, and property tax exemptions should be addressed by the auditor’s office at 812-358-6161.
The spring installment of property taxes is due May 10.