State School Superintendent Visits Crothersville Elementary

 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz observes as Crothersville 4th graders Kiarra Lakins and Hailey Williams use electronic tablets in the classroom to complete an assignment.

While the Consumer Electronics Show- the international event when new electronic gadgets and software are debuted-  was commencing in LasVegas, Indiana State School Superintendent Glenda Ritz was visiting Crothersville Elementary School to see first hand how the 4-Star, Grade A school uses high tech to educate local youngsters.

The state school chief was led on tours of classrooms from kindergarten to 4th grades to have teachers and students show and explain their use of modern technology including iPads and Promethean boards.

Dr. Ritz said she was impressed that a small school like Crothersville had its students embracing technology for learning beginning in kindergarten and continuing through grade 5.

“This is impressive,” said the superintendent. “You have much to be proud of” she told students and local teachers.

The state school chief made note that local industries, such as Cerro Wire, were partnering with the school to provide high tech equipment. Last year the local wire manufacturer purchased 10 iPads for local 3rd graders to use.

At the close of her visit, school officials breathed a sigh of relief when Ritz told them that waivers from missed classes due to the snow and cold would be offered. In early December the local school was out due to snow and students got some extra time for Christmas break when snow and artic temperatures kept the school closed for three extra days. When all built-in snow days are used, the local school will still be a couple of days short. The state waiver will eliminate a need to extend the school year unless additional weather closings occur.