State Roads 256 & 39 To Receive Chip Seal Treatment

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has announced upcoming highway maintenance work on State Road 256 and on State Road 39.
S.R. 256 is scheduled for Chip Seal with Fog Seal treatment from S.R. 39 to I-65.
S.R. 39 is scheduled for Chip Seal with Fog Seal treatment from S.R. 56 to S.R. 250.
Roads are combined in this project because of their proximity. Work is scheduled to begin Monday, August 15 and is expected to be completed within a three week period. This project will require temporary lane restrictions as the treatment is applied. Flaggers will control traffic during the process. Work will be performed during daylight hours during weekdays. This project is weather dependant.
Chip Seal is the treatment of the pavement surface with liquid asphalt material and course aggregate to prevent deterioration of the surface. It provides waterproofing, low-severity crack sealing, and improved friction. Chip Seal is a very economical treatment, less than 20 percent the cost of hot mix asphalt. As Chip Seal uses an asphalt emulsion that takes some time to fully set and achieve enough strength to adequately hold onto the stone, there will be a few days after the Chip Seal is placed to when it can be swept clean of loose stone.
Fog Seal is a light covering of diluted asphalt that helps hold the stone and increases the life of the surface.
Although INDOT does not have an official detour for this project it is suggested that motorists might want to find alternate routes during these few days.
The INDOT Chip Seal Team is made up of INDOT Maintenance workers from various sub districts throughout the Seymour District.