Sometimes It’s Difficult…

Curt-lineby Curt Kovener

I could write about the weather and how warm February temperatures have early spring flowers blooming and how mid-March temperatures are doing their best to do in the early spring blooming flowers.
I could write about the Ides of March, the mid-point of the month of which Caesar was warned of his impending death and whose last words were “Et tu Brute?” (You too Brutus?) as his colleague(?) joined in with the crowd to stab him to death.
Or I could write about how we embrace celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this Friday (probably because of the revelry & beer) but how our American ancestors’ discriminated against Irish immigrants much like too many of today’s now naturalized by birth A-mur-acun immigrants discriminate against those who don’t look like us.
That kind of discrimination is one reason why Jackson County became the home of a number of early German immigrants. They were farmers and business owners who pretty much kept to themselves for their own safety. Their worship services were conducted in German until World War I when they realized some might question their allegiance to America by holding church services in a foreign tongue. America was at war with Germany, you will recall.
There was a switch to English and, as added emphasis of their loyalty, many German churches began displaying the American flag at the front of their sanctuary. Not to be outdone by the German immigrants, other churches joined in the patriotic display.
Or I could just write that it is difficult to come up with a new topic each week. That would be more of the truth.