Some Things I Thought You Should Know

by Curt Kovener 

With the stack of “stuff to do” before winter arrives almost as tall as I am, mayhaps it is time to begin some sorting of the material I thought I should hang onto for potential column material.

So here is a very abridged spattering of ideas I will share before they are cast into the shredder for recycling.

From the Health New Network comes word that the average American drinks 547 12-ounce cans of soft drinks in a year. That’s over a 50-gallon barrel of pop per person per year! The average sugared soft drink contains about 150 calories per can. This adds up to 82,050 calories over the course of a year or 23 extra pounds.

That’s something to think about next time you go to the fridge for something to drink.

And one final health snippet, men who live in a state of anxiety (as opposed to those of us who reside in a state of confusion) are four times as likely to suffer sudden heart death. So if anxiety equals sudden heart death, I wonder how many people Congress is responsible for killing?

From the “Yep, I Know Someone Like That Department” comes a story about a shipwreck at sea and how four men got into a lifeboat.

From their end, two men watched those at the other two bail earnestly to keep the boat afloat.

One said, “Thank heaven the hole isn’t at our end.”

Art Linkletter used to say, “Kids can say the dardnest things.” But there are other times when their wisdom and grasp of life smacks us between the eyes.

A teacher asked her young student, “Can you give me some proof that we have religious liberty in America?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the child answered. “Anybody can join any church he desires and then attend the meetings as seldom as he wants to, still remain on the roll, and despite his lack of attendance still call himself a Christian.”

And so it seems.