Small Town Helping A Smaller Town

The community of Crothersville in southeast Jackson County had police officers and an abundance of cars after purchase of several new Ford Explorers last year.
The community of Clifford in northcentral Bartholomew County, about 36 miles north of Crothersville, had a part-time police officer but no police car. There was no money in the budget so the officer’s private vehicle was used for patrolling.
After learning of Clifford’s plight, the Crothersville Town Council approved an inter-governmental transfer of a 2009 Ford Crown Victoria that was slated for the auction block.
Crothersville Chief of Police Brent Turner read about Clifford’s problem and suggested to the council that giving away the surplus police vehicle to a community who could use it.
“Clifford’s population is only about 235 people so they don’t bring in that much in taxes,” said Turner. “We had cars that were going to be auctioned so we took the one in best shape, got lettering and lights installed at no cost, and helped out the (Bartholomew County) community.”

At right, Clifford Town Board President Danny James accepts the keys to the 2009 Ford police vehicle from local Chief of Police Brent Turner along with Crothersville Town Council President Danieta Foster and Councilman Chad Wilson.