Seymour Road Sewer Project Gets $550,000 State Funding

An aging lift station and sewer lines along Seymour Road, Walnut Street and Collman Avenue on Crothersville’s northside will be replaced as a result $550,000 state grant.
Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch along with the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs made the announcement last Thursday that more than $11 million in federal grant funding is being awarded to 21 rural Hoosier communities.
“Through these grants, local governments are able to enhance their quality of life for their citizens and encourage more growth opportunities,” Crouch said.
The $550,000 grant will allow for the replacement of an aged sewer pumping station on Seymour Road which was believed to be installed in the mid-1960’s, installation of 650’ of 4” force sewer line, and installation of 650’ of storm sewer lines in the area.
Town Engineer Brad Bender of FPBH said that his firm’s testing of the area determined that most of the issues with flooding the lift station is not so much related to combined sewers but with storm water overtopping the sanitary sewer manholes.
“This grant will allow us to divert the surface water away from the sanitary system,” said Bender. “And that should help the town continue with its CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) compliance with IDEM.”
He said the design is to install eight storm water inlets along the proposed new storm sewer line to divert water from the sanitary sewer. “This will help alleviate the surge of water going into the sanitary sewer to be treated during heavy rains,” said Bender.
Much of the work would be constructed within the existing right of way along Seymour Road between Walnut and Coleman Streets.
The work would be quite intensive in the area as new storm water and sanitary sewer lines would need be installed and water lines, laterals, and possibly other utilities would need to be moved.
The grant requires a $144,272 local match by the town.