Sewer & Salaries Handled By Town Council

Changing the way the town bills rental property for utility services, establishing a sewer use ordinance and fixing salaries paid for 2016 were among the matters decided when the Crothersville Town Council met Tuesday, Aug. 3.

To assure that the town obtains payment in a timely fashion for municipal utility services, the council amended the town sewer billing ordinance so that owners of residential rental property would begin receiving the monthly billing for water, sewer, trash and recycling charges for their tenant.

“Sometimes tenants move without notice or with leaving a large utility bill which then becomes the landlord’s responsibility to pay,” said clerk-treasurer Terry Richey. “This will be a way landlords can monitor their property’s consumption and ensure payment to the town.”

Under the new ordinance, it will be up to the landlord to pay the town for the utility services used by the tenant. Whether the landlord adds the fees to the tenant’s rent each month or increases the rent to cover the utilities will be left to the discretion of the property owner.

A publication of the ordinance is found on page 9 of this week’s Times. The ordinance will go into effect with the next billing cycle. The ordinance passed by a 2-1 vote with councilman Lenvel ‘Butch’ Robinson voting in opposition to the measure.

A sewer use ordinance was established by the council. The ordinance will have little impact of residential users of the town’s wastewater utility. However, it establishes specific limits for commercial and industrial users of what can and cannot be discharged into the town’s sanitary sewer system.

“Our industrial growth is what precipitated this ordinance,” said council president Ardell Mitchell.

“The sewer use ordinance is not being considered because of anything Crothersville industry has or hasn’t done,” Jim Plump, executive director of Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation said earlier. “Rather it is being done with the encouragement of our industries.”

He also said that the ordinance will be an asset in helping to lure additional industry to the community.

A publication of the town’s Sewer Use Ordinance begins on page 5 of this week’s Times. The council approved the ordinance by unanimous vote.

The council also approved a speed limit ordinance for the extension of Industrial Way and South Kovener Street limiting motorists to a maximum 20 mph on that stretch of town street.

A publication of the ordinance is fond on page 8 of this week’s Times. The council approved the ordinance by unanimous vote.

In preparation for establishing the town’s budget for 2016, the council approved salaries to be paid to town employees next year.

Chief of Police Richard Hanlin will be paid $19.25 per hour and patrolman Brent Turner will receive $14.75 hourly. Mason Boicourt will receive $19.06 as wastewater superintendent, Chris Mains will received $16.74 as water and street superintendent, town worker Roger Jewell will received $12.88.

Deputy-Clerk Michele Teipen will be paid $14.94 per hour and office worker Melissa Glen will receive $11.07 hourly.

The clerk-treasurer’s salary will be increased from $9,500 to $10,000 for next year.

The matter passed with a unanimous vote.

In a final matter, the council heard from Trena Carter of ARa, the town’s grant administrator, that the town’s will be approved for 15 homes to be renovated in the coming housing grant.

“And we already have 13 applications from local residents so it is a needed and popular program,” said Carter. Crothersville residents wanting more information about what the income eligible program can do to improve their home can contact town hall.