Sewer Project Nears Completion Ahead of Schedule; Under Budget

The Crothersville Town Council learned at its November meeting that the wastewater improvement project to bring the utility into compliance with IDEM (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) and eliminate sewage overflows is nearly complete and will be under budget.

The sewer project, in which the state targeted Crothersville and 105 other communities who had combined sewer overflows during heavy rains, was funded by a loan and a grant, both from the federal government.

“We are all done except for a lot of paperwork,” said Brad Bender project engineer for FPBH of North Vernon.

He informed the council that the project will be under budget. “Which brings us to a welcome question. We will have excess funds, what should we do with the money? Spend it on projects that were not a part of the original sewer plan? Apply it to the loan? Place it into a reserve account?”

While the council was pleased with the news, they opted to wait until after meeting with USDA officials in early December to get a better feel of how the excess money might be able to be used.

The council learned of the liquidation of previous approved town equipment.

According to Chief of Police Richard Hanlin one local police car was traded for police radio equipment, another sold for $500.

In a related liquidation of town vehicles, a non-running New Holland tractor & finish mower was sold for $4,500

Town Earns Safety Award

Because of an employee injury free safety record in 2011, the town of Crothersville was received a safety award from the Indiana Public Employer’s Plan, it was announced at the town council meeting. Crothersville is one of 510 governmental entities in Indiana whose employees are covered by IPEP, a self-funded workers compensation risk-sharing group.

It was announced that the town’s 2010-2011 State Board of Accounts Audit “showed a marked improvement over the previous two-year audit” according to council president Ardell Mitchell.

It was announced that because New Year’s Day falls on the first Tuesday, the traditional meeting night of the town council, the first council meeting of 2013 will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 8.