Seniors Cause Site Director To Lose Her Hair


Local hair stylist Deb Dorsey brought the clippers and prepared Crothersville Senior Citizen Site Director Sue Walther for her shearing.

Earlier this year as fuel prices began to escalate causing local senior citizens to contemplate reducing their services to the local elderly, Crothersville Senior Citizens site director Sue Walther came up with a plan.

Based on her daughter-in-law’s recent successful fund-raiser in Louisville in which she pledged to shave her head to raise $2,000 to fight childhood diseases, Sue made a similar pledge to the local senior citizens in the spring. Raise $5,000 by yourself before Oct. 31 & she would go bald like her daughter-in-law Sarah.

Over the summer the seniors held auctions, bake sales, and were assisted by contributions from area businesses and manufacturers. When the totals were complete, it was clear by the first of October that Sue would be shorn on Halloween.

There was a room full of seniors, locals and Agency on Aging workers to witness the event.

Local hair stylist Deb Dorsey was on hand with clippers, apron and to “clean up” the efforts of the seniors as they clipped their site director’s locks.

Joyce Harmon, who led the fund raising effort showed that the first cut in the deepest as she began a reverse mohawk down the middle of Walther’s head.

Other seniors got to join in, at first reluctantly but quickly clipping with enthusiasm and glee.

Thanks to a barber chair contribution by State Representative Terry Goodin, the local seniors raised over $5,500, half of which will be used for fuel for the senior van, the remainder to be used to pay utility bills at the local center.