Scottsburg Man Sentenced To 12 Years For Dealing Meth Near School

Jonathan McWilliams

Jonathan McWilliams, 31, of Scottsburg has been sentenced to 12 years for dealing methamphetamine. According to Scott County Prosecutor Chris Owens, McWilliams will serve the first nine years in prison and will be supervised by probation for three years upon his release. McWilliams was also sentenced to an additional 364 days in prison because he was on probation at the time he arrested for dealing drugs earlier this year.
In January, officers with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office worked with a confidential informant to make a controlled buy of drugs from McWilliams. This controlled purchase occurred on South Street in Scottsburg, which was within 500 feet of Scottsburg High School. “Selling drugs within 500 feet of a school is an enhancing circumstance that can be used to obtain a higher penalty,” said Owens.
“I believe our county has come a long way in the battle to clean up our streets. We are not going to tolerate drugs being sold in our community and we especially will aggressively prosecute those selling drugs near our schools,” said Owens.
“Scott County must continue to work hard to make sure that schools and the property around them are safe and free from drugs and other crimes. Our children deserve to be protected to the highest level,” he said