Scott Memorial Hospital Partners With LifePoint And Norton Healthcare

Scott Memorial Hospital on Friday celebrated beginning a partnership with Norton Hospital of Louisville and LifePoint of Nashville, TN.

The partnership was announced earlier in the month.

Raymond Swope Jr., of Scottsburg who served as a charter board member of Scott Memorial Hospital when it began in 1959 was honored by Steve Williams, (right) CEO of Norton Healthcare and Bill Carpenter, (left) CEO of LifePoint Hospitals.


Donna Faris, board chair of Scott Memorial said, “The large number of people here today shows how vital the hospital is to the community.”

“It is clear that the board’s choice of LifePoint and Norton’s are the right partners for us,” said Farris. “We are the first to partner with them band there may be more announcements of additional partnerships down the road. But we are glad we are the first.”

“We have enjoyed a relationship with Scott County physicians for many years,” said Norton’s CEO Williams. “This new partnership will improve the healthcare future for the community. We want this to be a model that we can healthcare replicate throughout the region.”

Lifepoint CEO Bill Carpenter agreed, “ We want to help this hospital to be the best that it can be,” he said. “We see opportunities in small communities throughout southern Indiana.”

Scott Memorial is a 25-bed primary care hospital serving Scott and southern Jackson County.

Norton Healthcare operates five Louisville hospitals with more than 1,800 beds and other services. Brentwood, Tenn.-based LifePoint operates 57 hospital campuses in 20 states.