Scott County Sheriff’s Dept. Made Record Number Of Arrests In 2019

Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin has released the yearly statistics for the sheriff’s department. Goodin officially took office Jan. 1, 2019 and in the 12 ensuing months deputies made 222 drug related arrests; a total of 964 arrests for all crimes; responded to 14,153 calls for assistance and completed 11,150 case reports.
“Scott County Sheriff’s Deputies made more criminal arrests in 2019 year than any other year in the Sheriff’s Office history,” said Goodin.
But in addition to incarcerating offenders, he noted that the department assisted those in jail to help in not being re-arrested on other crimes.
The Scott County Jail graduated 10 prisoners with GED’s, 10 prisoners with welding degrees, and 5 prisoners graduated with Safe Food Handling Certifications.
“Scott County was the first in the State of Indiana for any county jail offering the welding classes to prepare inmates for the workforce after their release,” said the sheriff. “And some had jobs waiting on them.”
Additionally, there are twelve weekly classes being offered to prisoners for self-improvement involving both faith based and secular style help, he said.
The Scott County Sheriff’s Office Reserves, an unpaid group volunteers, worked over 10,501 hours in 2019, this is not including the Sheriff’s Posse hours worked. “This equates to a tax savings for the tax payers of over $215,280 for the service they provided,” noted the sheriff.
“I am extremely proud of his agency for their hard work getting Scott County closer to being a Drug Free Zone and the safest County in America,: said Goodin. He said he anticipated 2020 will be even better with several special criminal details planned.
“Scott County is getting safer by the day,” he added.
The sheriff expressed his thanks the public for their tips and help. “There is no way we could have accomplished what we did without the public’s help,” said Goodin. “Keep the tips coming in.”