Scott County Sheriff Seeking Old Evidence Owners

If you have had things stolen and recovered by law enforcement, Scott County Sheriff Jerry Goodin wants to give your personal property back. But you have to prove you own it.
“The county jail’s evidence room is full to near overflowing,” said Goodin. “And we have been storing items, in some instances, for over 20 years.”
According to a legal notice published in today’s Times, the sheriff is seeking the owners of various types of firearms and other personal property that the authorities recovered and the sheriff’s office has held for evidence in court cases. The sheriff sought and received permission from Prosecutor Chris Owens and Circuit Court Judge Jason Mount to dispose of evidence held for cases from 1999 to 2011.
“But first we want to find the rightful owner so we can return their property,” said Goodin.
“Twenty years is a long time and perhaps residents may have forgotten that we were keeping their recovered property for court cases,” said the sheriff. “Here is your reminder that if we have been holding your property, we want to give it back.”
Residents will have 30 days to file a notice of claim of ownership with the sheriff or circuit court, according to the legal notice. Proof of ownership can be documentation of filing a police report or a court action that resulted in the personal property being held by authorities.