Scott County Primary Election Results

Republicans and Democrats cast ballots for the candidates they preferred in contested races in Scott County on Tuesday, June 2.
On the Republican side, Randy Julian was nominated for the District 1 County Commissioner seat with 686 votes over David Bruck with 546 and Lynn Robinson with 460.
Incumbent Republican Commissioner for District 2 Mike Jones was unopposed in his race receiving 1,549.
In a four-person race, three Republicans were nominated for county council at-large. Running in the fall will be Eric Gillespie, 1,139; Diana Eads Mullins, 841; and Lyndi Hughbanks, 814. Clayton Gross received 771 votes.
Zach Payne received 937 votes in his bid to be the District 66 State Representative nominee over Brian Tibbs 716 votes.
In uncontested GOP races, Wendy McLain received 1,626 votes for county clerk; Lonnie Noble Sr. received 1,380 for County Coroner, and Mark Gardner received 1,591 votes for County Surveyor.
On the Democratic side, incumbent District 1 County Commissioner Bob Tobias won re-nomination with 997 votes over challengers Don Campbell (914) and Robbie Combs (350).
In the District 2 Commissioners Race, LeRoy Williams won the nomination with 1,148 votes over Mark Hays with 1,035.
Incumbent Democrats won re-nomination to the Scott County Council to run in the November election. Iva Gasaway received 1,449 votes, Mike Zollman got 1,321 votes, and Robert Peacock received 1,156 tallies. Anthony Peacock received 836 votes.
In the race for County Recorder, Sheryl Jent won the party’s nomination with 1,263 votes over Marilyn Kundysek’s 1,032 votes.
In uncontested Democratic races, incumbent state representative from District 66 Terry Goodin received 2,167 votes; county clerk candidate Denny Wilson received 1,809 votes; Missy Applegate received 1,986 for county treasurer; and Dalton Baker received 1,650 for county coroner.