Scott County Health Department Suspends Elderly Screenings; Limits Vaccinations

To help stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Scott County Health Department has initiated two changes that could impact county residents.
The Health Department has suspended all Older Adult and Screening Education Services (O.A.S.E.S) for the rest of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic. These clinics were held every Thursday at different locations thru out the community and performed health screenings for older adults.
“The Health Department feels this population is at greatest risk for contracting coronavirus and should continue social distancing for their health and safety,” said Brittany Combs, County Health Nurse. “The Scott County Health Department will reassess the health of the community at the end of the year and will determine if the OASES clinics can be resumed next year.”
Additionally, the health department is limiting immunization appointments for younger residents.
“We are following the CDC guidelines in that healthcare providers prioritize vaccination of infants and young children through 24 months of age,” said Combs. “We will postpone all older children and adult vaccines at this time.”
The Health Department will require infants and young children through 24 months to be seen by appointment only. The appointments will be spread out to allow social distancing and cleaning between patients.
“We ask that when you bring in your child you only have one adult per child,” said Combs, “The Health Department will constantly reassess the situation and begin immunization for other age groups as soon as possible.”
Residents with questions, can call the Health Department of 812-752-8455.