School Supplies Can Pay Library Fines

Jackson County Public Library customers in Seymour, Crothersville and Medora can pay overdue fines by donating school supplies through August 20. Donations of packaged supplies collected in lieu of fines will be given to the public schools to distribute to students throughout the upcoming school year.

For every dollar owed in fines at the Jackson County Public Library, at least one new packaged item must be donated. For example, if a customer has a $5 fine, at least five new packaged items are needed to erase the fine. A fine of $5.50 would need at least six new packaged items. Customers must choose from the provided “items needed” list for donations.

Items needed at the various public schools throughout the library district include: Crayola colored pencils; Crayola crayons; Crayola markers; Kleenex tissue; erasers; glue sticks; highlighters; pencils; pens; scissors; school glue; spiral & composition notebooks; three-ring binders; 12 inch rulers; germ-x; dry erase markers; baby wipes; and pocket folders.

The program applies to all library materials and is not available to customers with lost or damaged materials. The material must be returned undamaged before the overdue fines can be waived. Collection agency accounts may participate this year only by donating 10 items to waive the $10 collection agency fee.

Customers participating in the School Supplies for Fines program will receive a receipt reflecting fines waived by their supply donations.

Donations must be given directly to the library staff at each of the checkout desks to apply. Discovery Bus customers must visit the Seymour, Crothersville or Medora libraries to participate.

Individuals without library fines are also encouraged to donate new packaged school supplies at any library location. Containers for donations are located at all library checkout desks. Anyone with questions concerning School Supplies for Fines can contact the Jackson County Public Library at 522-3412 in Seymour, 793-2927 in Crothersville, or 966-2278 in Medora.