School Recognizes Fall, Winter Athletes


Crothersville High School Athletic banquet was held Thursday, March 19 with Junior-Senior High School athletes competing in fall and winter sports being recognized.

The following awards were presented:

Varsity Volleyball

Serving award, Courtney Killey; Serve receive award, Brooke Prather; Hitting award, Amber Lucas; Setting award, Courtney Luedeman; Tiger Award, Kylie Hensley.

JV Volleyball

Serving award, Kaylyn Luedeman; Serving award, Karlie Schoenfelder; Serve receive award, Ashleigh Allen; Hitting award, Ashleigh Allen; Setting award, Kaylyn Luedeman.

Jr. High volleyball

A team: Serving Award, Chandler Nehrt; Passing Award, Jessica Schmelzle.

B team: Serving Award, Allison Jennings; Passing Award, Gabby Nay.

Cross Country

Boys: Most Valuable Runner, Zach Elliott; Most Improved Runner, Chris Walker.

Girls: Most Valuable Runner, Kylie Hensley; Most Improved Runner, Courtney Killey.

Jr. High boys: Most valuable runner, Gene Hodge; Most improved runner, Caleb Minton.

Jr. High girls: Most valuable runner, Gabby Nay.

Boys varsity basketball

Free Throw award, Harley Hensley; Assist award, Tim Steinbech; Rebound award, Tim Steinbach; Tiger Award, Cody Brasher; Tiger Award, Harley Hensley.

JV Boys Basketball

Free Throw Award, Joe Sawyer; Assist Award, Mathew Lucas; Rebound Award, Ryan Gabbard.

Varsity Girls Basketball

Free Throw Award, Courtney Luedeman; Assist Award, Courtney Killey; Rebound Award, Amber Lucas; Tiger Award, Erin Schmelzle.

8th grade boys Basketball: Rebound Award, Jimmy Needler; Assist Award, Jarrod Royalty.

7th grade boys Basketball: Rebound Award, Eryn West; Assist Award, Gene Hodge.

Jr. High Girls Basketball

A team: Rebound Award, Brittany Tilford; Assist Award, Gabby Nay.

B Team: Rebound Award, Brenna Riley; Assist Award, Allison Jennings.

Varsity Cheerleaders

Most Spirited, Shelby Fowler; Best all around Cheerleader, Ashleigh Allen.

JV Cheerleaders

Most Spirited, Cierra Kilgore; Best all around Cheerleader, Leigha Sawyer.

Jr. High Cheerleaders

Most Spirited, Wendy Collman; Best All Around Cheerleader, Chandler Nehrt; Most Improved, Mackenzie Long.