Schneck Open House to Introduce High Tech Robotic Surgery

Schneck Medical Center will debut the new 3D high definition da Vinci Si Surgical System at an open house on Wednesday, September 28 from 2-7 p.m. in the Visitor Lobby at Schneck. The community is invited to come and see the new da Vinci Surgical System in action and learn about the benefits of using da Vinci for a range of minimally invasive surgeries including gynecology, bariatric, general, and urology.
Schneck is the first and only hospital in the area to implement the next generation of minimally invasive surgery with the da Vinci Surgical System, which provides surgeons with all the clinical and technical capabilities of traditional open surgery while enabling them to operate through tiny incisions. It combines superior 3D visualization along with greatly enhanced dexterity, precision, and control. By enhancing surgical capabilities, robotic surgery is helping to improve clinical outcomes and redefine standards of care.
Recent advancements in minimally invasive surgical technologies mean that today’s patients have a broader range of alternatives to conventional open surgery than patients did just 10 years ago. The da Vinci Surgical System is providing patients with new, minimally invasive surgical procedures that offer significant advantages over traditional “open” surgeries. These robotic-assisted minimally invasive procedures can benefit patients with less pain, less scarring, and dramatically improved recovery times. For example, a woman undergoing a traditional open hysterectomy takes approximately four weeks to recover, whereas a hysterectomy performed using the da Vinci requires only two weeks of recovery time.
In addition to a shorter recovery time and hospital stay, patients also experience a reduced trauma to the body, reduced blood loss and need for transfusions, less post-operative pain and discomfort, less risk of infection, and less scarring and improved cosmetic results.
Schneck is one of only 10 facilities in the nation to offer da Vinci Surgery with the advanced features of a dual console and specialized fluorescent imaging.