Residents Urged To Clean Up Property For Town’s 150th Celebration

The Crothersville Sesquicentennial is less than a month away, to be held September 11-14. Very soon, Sesquicentennial banners will start appearing all around town to add to the festive atmosphere for the upcoming 150th anniversary celebration, said celebration chairperson Rita Ibershoff.

All Crothersville residents are asked to take a look around their property and do some sprucing-up in time for the upcoming festival. This might include pulling weeds, mowing, painting and fixing-up, replacing light bulbs on out-door light fixtures, edging the sidewalk, replacing some bushes, planting some fall flowers, removing refuse or trash from your yard, or even hanging a flag bunting on your front porch, she said.

If you are a resident or business owner in Crothersville and notice something that needs attention on your street, call some neighbors or ask for volunteer employees to chip in on the chore if man-power is needed.

“Everyone is reminded of the reason behind the Sesquicentennial: To pause as a community and remember all those who came to the community 150 years ago and thereafter. Sprucing-up will be the community’s gesture of respect and honor to thousands of people whose lives unfurled in Crothersville,” said Ibershoff.