Regal’s Fire Damage Not As Bad As Expected

Local manufacturer Regal Industries received some good news this week on the heels of last Monday’s potentially devastating fire.

“Our insurance engineer just left and we are really pleased with his report,” company executive Bob Spicer said Monday afternoon. “The steel roof, girders and concrete block walls are all structurally sound and solid.”

Spicer said company workers will be repairing any heat damage to the production equipment. “We hope to have that line back up and running in a month,” Spicer said.

The company lost little production time after last Monday afternoon’s fire attributed to a piece of metal which went through the production line becoming heated and smoldering in a bag of the company’s product, cellulose insulation.

“Our product uses borax which is a fire inhibitor. And it did it’s job not allowing flames to form,” said Spicer.

An older line was placed back into production the day after the fire, Spicer said.

“Our employees count on us for a paycheck every week. We have an obligation to them and that is why we opted to stay in production rather than shut down the line while the fire repairs were made,” he said.

No financial loss amount was available.