Rapid-Fire Laughs In Derby Dinner Show

by Joseph Persinger
Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville, has produced many comedies worthy of the description “fast paced,” but the current show, “Love, Sex and the IRS,” may set a new record.
Unexpected twists, one-liners, double entendres, and antic physical comedy kept the audience laughing from start to finish on the night we attended.
Basic premise of the story is that, for several years, Jon has been claiming on his federal tax returns that his male roommate, Leslie, is a woman and that the two of them are married. When the IRS informs Jon that an agent will be coming to investigate, he persuades a very reluctant Leslie to play the part of his wife. Their attempted ruse leads to a chain reaction of hilarious complications, involving not just the tax investigator but several family members and friends who are not in on the joke.
The cast features Dick Baker as Jon and Matt Street as Leslie. Derby regular Cary Wiger adds to the laughs as the IRS agent who is a little too fond of Scotch whisky and becomes envious of what he sees as Jon and Leslie’s free and easy lifestyle.
To make matters even more complicated, Jon’s fiancee, played by Brittany Carricato Cox, has been having a secret romantic affair with Leslie. Megan M. Johnson appears as Leslie’s ex-girlfriend, J. R. Stuart as the suspicious landlord, Kiersten Vorheis as Jon’s mother, and David Myers as a quirky street preacher. The play is being directed by Jim Hesselman.
Setting for “Love, Sex and the IRS” is New York City in 1979. In keeping with that era, pre-show music by The Footnotes, Derby’s resident song and dance troupe, includes several popular hits from the ’70s.
The comedy will continue through Feb. 17 at the area dinner theater. For ticket information call 812-288-8281 or visit www.derbydinner.com.