Public Notices


Notice is hereby given that the Board of School Trustees of Crothersville Community Schools (“Board” and “School Corporation”, respectively) on March 11, 2015, executed on behalf of the School Corporation, a Second Amendment to Lease (the “Second Amendment to Lease”), amending a Lease dated December 15, 2000 (“Lease”) between the School Corporation and the Crothersville 2000 School Building Corporation (the “Building Corporation”), as amended. The Second Amendment to Lease permits the (i) refunding of a portion of the Building Corporation’s First Mortgage Refunding Bonds, Series 2005, and (ii) the construction of all or a portion of the following improvements: repair and replace roofs; update school technology infrastructure including school safety and security infrastructure (e.g., door locks); renovation of physical education locker rooms; and renovation and/or replacement of the HVAC system for improved efficiency and student comfort, all to the Junior/Senior High School and Elementary School of the School Corporation (collectively, the “Project”). The Second Amendment to Lease extends the term of the Lease to January 5, 2030. Approval and execution of the Second Amendment to Lease were made following the publication of notice and a public hearing made and held in accordance with Indiana Code 20-47-3-9.

Dated: March 11, 2015.

Board of School Trustees of

Crothersville Community Schools

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CSO Community Notification

As required by 327 IAC 5-2.1-6(1) (Combined Sewer Overflow Public Notification Rule), the Town of Crothersville Wastewater Utility offers local media sources, affected public and other interested persons in and around the Crothersville area to provide information concerning frequency of overflow events that may be triggered by precipitation. Any entity or individual desiring such information is requested to contact the Crothersville Wastewater Treatment Plant at (812) 793-2540, or, in writing, to the Wastewater Superintendent, Mason Boicourt, at 111 E. Howard Street Crothersville, Indiana.

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