Property Tax Bills On The Way To Your Mailbox

Property tax bills are expected to start arriving to property owners this week, according to Jackson County Treasurer Roger D. Hurt
The spring installment is due Wednesday, May 10, while the fall installment is due on Monday, Nov. 13.
“The payment methods this year are similar to the past years,” said Hurt.
. Options are:
•Payment by mail delivery with check. Payment is considered on time when postmarked by the US post Office by the due date.
•Payment processing at The Peoples Bank locations and The State Bank Of Medora.
•Payment with Credit / Debit cards using the I-Freedom Process.  On Line at, the County Web site at, or using the too-free automated phone system at 888-809-5849. These options will incur a convenience fee charge.
•In Person payment by cash or check at the Treasurer’s Office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
•Drop Box at the Sugar Street entrance to the courthouse. For safety, this is for checks only. Payment is considered on time if received in the drop box by midnight on the deadline date.
“If anyone is ever in doubt of the amount that they owe, how to make a payment, where a payment can be processed or questions on the billing schedule, I encourage them to call us at the Treasurer’s office at 812-358-6125 or 812-358-6126 or email at
If you have a question about your assessment you should contact the county assessor at 812-358-6112 and if you have a question about a homestead, mortgage or any other type of exemption contact the county auditor at 812-358-6161, said Hurt.