Primary Voting Will Be Much Different Than We’re Accustomed

The primary election, which has been pushed back to June 2, is shaping up to be highly unusual, with widespread mail-in voting being encouraged and limited early in-person voting prior to Election Day.
Election officials are encouraging voters to use mail-in ballots, limiting in-person contact because of the coronavirus threat.
Both county clerks in Scott and Jackson County have already begun sending out mail-in ballots to voters who have requested them. Although voting by mail is strongly recommended by state and local election officials, it is not the default. Voters will need to request a mail-in ballot.
In-person voting will also be available, although the Indiana Election Commission has limited early voting to one week, May 26 through June 1, in addition to in-person voting on Election Day, June 2.
In order to make sure they are able to vote in the primary election, voters must be registered by next Tuesday, May 5. Residents who have an Indiana drivers’ license or another form of state-issued identification may register online at Voter registration status can also be checked using the website.
A mail-in ballot can also be requested at, or by calling the county clerk’s office. Ballots must be requested by May 21.
The Indiana Election Division decided to allow all voters to vote via mail without providing a reason, as is traditionally required, as part of a slate of policy changes intended to make voting easier amid the pandemic.
During in-person voting, voters will be required to practice social distancing, and personal protective equipment will be provided to poll workers.
In Scott County in-person voting will take place from May 26-June 1 in the Commissioners Room on the first floor of the courthouse. Voters will need to bring their driver’s license, enter the east door of the courthouse, go through a security check before proceeding to vote in the commissioners’ room.
Information on in-person voting in Jackson County will be available once details are finalized, County Clerk Melissa Hayes said.
All rule changes apply to the primary election only. No changes have yet been made to procedures for the general election in November.

May 5: Last day to register to vote in the primary election
May 21: Last day to request a mail-in ballot
May 26: In-person early voting begins
June 1: In-person early voting ends
June 2: Election Day
To register to vote or request a mail-in ballot:
Scott County Residents should contact County Clerk Missy Applegate or election clerk Patty Williams at 812-752-8420.
Jackson County residents should contact County Clerk Melissa Hayes at 812-358-6117 or election clerk Andrea Edwards at 812-358-6120.