Poll Cats

Curt-lineby Curt Kovener

We are just over a month away from the general election and your favorite candidate is either ahead, behind or statistically tied depending on which poll you read and when.

But there are other non-political polls conducted. Following are the odd results. Some are humorous, some make you scratch you head and wonder “why?”

So chuckle as you massage that cranial itch with these poll results from ‘Uncle John’s Lists that Make You Go…Hmmmmm’

  • 9% of American households dress up their pet for Halloween.
  • 12% of Americans think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife.
  • 22% of Australians claim to have an ancestor who was a convict.
  • 27% of female lottery winners hid their winning ticket in their bra.
  • 27% of Americans say broccoli is their favorite vegetable.
  • 27% of Facebook users have check their status while sitting on the toilet.
  • 29% of Americans admit they have stolen something from a store.
  • 49% of Americans don’t know white bread is made from wheat.
  • 58% of Americans have called in sick to work when they weren’t sick.
  • 67% of American men prefer boxers to briefs.
  • 75% of college students expect to become millionaires.
  • 76% of Americans prefer the toilet paper to hang over the top.
  • 82% of TV viewers think reality TV shows are scripted (Ya think?!?)
  • 90% of Americans rode in a grocery cart when they were a kid.
  • 100% of Curt Comment readers have completed another weekly reading of this final unscientific poll result.