Perfect Weather For 41st Red, White & Blue Festival

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Red, White & Blue Festival visitors took part in Saturday’s ‘Celebrate Indiana 200’ Bicentennial salute when 200 red, white & blue balloons were sent aloft into the southern Hoosier sky.

The weather was ideal for this past weekend’s 41st Crothersville Red, White & Blue Festival which blue skies, fluffy clouds and welcomed breezes during the hot Hoosier day.

As a part of the local ‘Celebrate Indiana 200’ bicentennial celebration, CHS Principal David Schill, whose family has been local residents since before the town’s founding, spoke to the early education afforded to youngsters. Democrat US Senate Candidate Baron Hill was on hand to help with the local celebration speaking about Crothersville’s influence and importance in industry and providing families with jobs. Crothersville native and professional public speaker Scott McKain returned to his hometown to provide a historic and inspirational talk of his first public speaking opportunity at the Crothersville Methodist Church.

“I was 14 years old and scared to death because I was speaking in front of everyone I knew, much like today,” he told the Red, White & Blue Festival crowd. “I gave that speech my all. I touched on every point I wanted to make, emphasized them in review, offered up an inspirational prayer and then sat down. I had spoken for all of just 4 minutes.”

“Then the late Leroy Senn led the congregation in a hymn ‘Count your Blessings.’ I don’t remember what I talked about but I remember that simple song and it has importance today for the community of Crothersville,” said McKain. “Count your blessings, name them one by one.”

At the conclusion on the state approved celebration, community residents joined in to release 200 red, white & blue balloons.

Nearly $4,000 was raised in the Red, White & Blue Festival Prince & Princess contest. Jamie Caudill was named the 41st Festival Princess and Devin Morgan was named the Festival Prince.

The court was made up of 1st runners-up Brooke Goebel and Dirk Crater and 2nd runners-up Mattyline Deaton and Brayden Crater.

Jazlin Gibson, daughter of Jeremy & Jacqueline Gibson of Crothersville was named Red, White & Blue Little Miss.

It was a hot Saturday morning and the Crothersville-Vernon Township Fire Department waterball fight brought some cooling relief to participants and, occasionally, spectators. The Crothersville “Team ‘Merica” won the wet push-of-war. Team members were Tyson Reynolds, Darin Jones, Jarrod Boswell, Jamie Land, and Eric Burns.

Darrin Wan of Scottsburg won the Crothersville FFA Porkburger contest tying Brian Jones of Crothersville with eating five sandwiches in 10 minutes then downing one more in a one-minute eat off.

There were 51 contestants in the Red, White & Blue Festival Baby Contest sponsored by Reins to Recovery, Inc. Therapeutic Riding Center.

Winners were

Boys – Birth-3 Months: 1st, Raymond McIntosh, son of Raymond & Oma McIntosh of Crothersville; 2nd, Ryder Taylor, son of Freddie & Stephanie Taylor of Scottsburg; 3rd, Braden White, son of Brandon White & Kelly Hollan of Austin.

Girls – Birth-3 Months: 1st, Ansley Williams, daughter of Chance & Kylinda Williams of Seymour; 2nd, Emerson Prewitt, daughter of Eric Prewitt & Alesha Fiore of Columbus; 3rd, Nova Gardner, daughter of Cody Slagel & Sherry Gardner of Crothersville.

Boys – 4-6 Months: 1st, Jaxon Clute, son of Paul & DeeAnn Clute of Underwood; 2nd, Braygan Ashley, son of Brandon & Morgan Ashley of Crothersville; 3rd, Rylan Johnson, son of Ryan & Amanda Johnson of Crothersville.

Girls – 4-6 Months: 1st, Kinley Burns, daughter of Eric Burns & Erin Schmelzle of Crothersville; 2nd, Laney McIntosh, daughter of Dylan & Ally McIntosh of Austin; 3rd, Gracelyn Gilstrap, daughter of Oho & Kendra Gilstrap of Austin.

Boys – 7-12 Months: 1st, Camden Spencer, son of Todd & Rachelle Spencer of Jeffersonville; 2nd, Bryson Barnes, son of Andrew Barnes & Virginia Hensley of Crothersville; 3rd, Jordy & Jacoby Wood, twin sons of Aaron & Andrea Wood of Seymour.

Girls – 7-12 Months: 1st, Taitum Kidd, daughter of Andy & Natosha Kidd of Crothersville; 2nd, Haven Terry, daughter of Nathan Merrifield & Dorian Terry of Austin; 3rd, Kaylee Fergison, daughter of Robbie & Amy Fergison of Lexington.

Boys – 13-24 Months: 1st, Bryce Mechutd, son of Jenifer Mechutd of Scottsburg; 2nd, Driften Bevers, son of Devon Bevers & Ashley Murphy of Crothersville; 3rd, Carter Cole, son of Aaron Cole & Ashley Verble of Crothersville.

Girls – 13-24 Months: 1st, Emryne Bowling, daughter of Casey & Hannah Bowling of Seymour; 2nd, Annie-Lynn Barnes, daughter of Steven & Rebecca Barnes of Crothersville; 3rd, Jayelyn Warper, daughter of Jay & Chelsey Warper of Seymour.

Boys – 25-36 Months: 1st, Kase Gasser, son of Brittany Gasser of Scottsburg; 2nd, Blaydin Hensley, son of Shawn Hensley & Brittany Coomer of Scottsburg; 3rd, Victor Silva, son of Felix & Kayelee Silva of Austin.

Girls – 25-36 Months: 1st, Emma Barnett, daughter of Corey & Krista Barnett of Scottsburg; 2nd, Delaney Smith, daughter of Amber Smith of Seymour; 3rd, Honour Edwards, daughter of Ashlee Stamper of Austin.

Boys – 37-48 Months: 1st, Brayden McGill, son of Shawn & Misty McGill of Paris Crossing; 2nd, Bentley Madden, son of Gary & Bonita Madden of Austin.

Girls – 37-48 Months: 1st, Kinsley Markel, daughter of Drew & Sharon Markel of Seymour; 2nd, Riley Roark, daughter of Bobbie & Kelly Roark of Crothersville; 3rd, Kara Jarvis, daughter of Julia Shields of Austin.

The biggest bubble blowers in the Festival Bubble Gum Blowing Contest for 5-7 year olds was Presley Angel and in the 11-12 year olds Kaden Seip.

Winners of the Pet & Bike parade held Saturday for 3-5 year olds were Avan Helt, Greyson Helt, Emmett Snyder, Zazlin Gibson, Trey Spaulding, Emery O’Sullivan, Meribeth Lewis, Jacob Bowman, and Ava Hodge,.

The 41st Red White & Blue Festival Parade winners are:

Float:  The Jim & Sandra Foster Family

Marching Unit:  Rescue Ryder Canine Education

Commercial Unit:  Crothersville Vernon Township Fire Department

Antique Car/Truck: Freeman Army Airfield Museum Fire Truck

Hitch Team: Caudill Farm Belgian Draft Horses

Bicycle/4 Wheeler: Becky McIntosh

Tractor:  Dennis Edens (John Deere M 1950)

Best Over All: Crothersville High School Fishing Club