Over 250 Names Removed From Scott Voter List

As a result of the 2016 Voter List Maintenance (VLM) project conducted by the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office, 252 voter registrations in Scott County were recently cancelled, according to Scott County Clerk Missy Applegate.
All of the registrations had two VLM cards mailed to them by the State in 2016 and both were returned to the State with insufficient addresses.
“At the point, these voters were placed in an inactive status and was given time to activate it through two federal general elections,” said the clerk. “Of those changed to the inactive status, 252 did not get activated and were cancelled.”
Although the Scott County Clerk’s Office followed all of the steps necessary to complete the 2016 VLM, the Clerk’s Office is posting the names to give voters another chance to be registered for the coming municipal election by completing a new registration form either by coming to the Scott County Clerk’s Office to register or by going online to www.indianavoters.com to process it online. If a new registration is not completed before the next election, these voters will not be able to vote on election day.
The list is located in the Scott County Clerk’s Office, Suite 120, in the courthouse in Scottsburg.