Nope, They’re Everywhere

by Curt Kovener

We receive frequent e-mailed updates of news happenings throughout the Hoosier state. Often, there are some eye-rolling ‘news of the weird’ accounts. It is good to share these stories just so we don’t believe our area has a corner on the market for village idiots.

According to the Terre Haute Tribune-Star, “a Terre Haute man has been arrested for allegedly beating his mother after she failed to cook his meal fast enough.”

Daniel Adam Brown, 27, appeared in Vigo Superior Court 3 where Judge David Bolk found probable cause for his arrest on charges of robbery, criminal confinement and resisting law enforcement.

Detective Rick Decker of the Terre Haute Police Department reported that Brown became angry at his mother while she was attempting to fix him a can of soup. Brown allegedly beat his mother and locked her in a closet.

He was booked into the Vigo County Jail late last Thursday where he is being held on a $60,000 bond.

Perhaps he will find the food and service in the Vigo County Jail more to his liking. Let us all hope that his momma doesn’t cave in to motherly instincts and bail him out.