Non-Running Vehicles Targeted By Town

The Town of Crothersville will be getting tough on non-running vehicles inside the town limits and residents have until July 6 to remove or properly store them, according to Crothersville Chief of Police Matt Browning.
“Several residences inside the town limits have vehicles on their property that violates Town Ordinance 94,” said Browning. That ordinance states that any vehicle left in public view for more than 20 days, is non-running, has parts of the engine or drivetrain removed is in violation of the town ordinance and can be considered an abandoned vehicle.
“Failure to comply with the ordinance by Monday, July 6, will result in removal of the vehicle from the property and the owner will be assessed towing and storage costs,” said Browning.
If the vehicle is valuable to you, simply put it in a garage or barn out of public sight and you will be in compliance with the ordinance,” said Browning.