Natural Foods…I Suppose

by Curt Kovener

A few weeks back I wrote about omnivores-those critters that eat both meat and vegetables. “Omni” meaning all.
Now with some cooler weather I have observed Charley the office watch dog is an insectivore.
The lower 50 degree temperatures have slowed down the flying, hopping and crawling bugs…especially the grasshopper.
And Charley thinks it is grand fun to explore the weeds seeking out the SMB (Slow Moving Bugs). Since the chipmunks are still too fast for him, I suppose it satisfies his hunting instinct.
And unlike the deep fried and chocolate covered variety of grasshoppers viewed as a delicacy in other cultures, Charley apparently prefers his au natural. Much like the fish do.
I prefer my food natural as well, but will decline a helping of grasshopper. Instead I will relish the hickory nuts that are now being shelled for winter pies, cookies and holiday breads.