Michele Teipen Is First To File For Town Office

Crothersville has a declared candidate for Clerk-Treasurer in the coming November election.
Michele Teipen filed her candidacy declaration to seek the Republican nomination for clerk-treasurer last week, according to records in the county clerk’s office.
Residents have from now through noon on August 1 to file a candidacy declaration with the Jackson County Clerk’s office.
In addition to clerk-treasurer, three town council seats will be up for election in November.
Under a new law, the county election board will conduct elections in towns with a population of less than 3,500, unless the town council adopts a resolution before Aug. 8, 2011 to establish a town election board to conduct the town election.
According to IC 3-10-7-5.5, the town council has until Aug. 22, 2011 to adopt the resolution and file it with the county clerk.
Crothersville political parties will hold conventions after the Aug. 8 deadline to nominate those candidates to represent their party.
In small towns there is no primary election where voters decide candidate; the political parties nominate their clerk-treasurer and town council candidates similar to a state nominating convention.
The municipal election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 1, in Crothersville.