Memorable? Just Try To Forget Past Weekend

by Curt Kovener curt-line.jpg

To say the past weekend was memorable is probably the understatement of the year.

It was a delightful and alternatingly wet and hot & humid homecoming for a good number of folks with ties to Crothersville over the weekend.

Much needed rain, the first appreciable precipitation, fell as the town’s 150th birthday celebration kicked off on Thursday. While the rain dampened the parched ground it didn’t dampen spirits.

After grabbing either and FFA porkburger or a fire department fish sandwich while dodging rain drops on Friday, it was standing room only for a wonderful rendition of Crothersville history with ‘A Crothersville Celebration’ featuring school age and adult performers depicting important moments in the town’s past.

CHS Choral director Peggy Adams used a script from the town’s centennial celebration in 1958, updated it to include the past 50 years, and blended it with music and dance. Her efforts were rewarded with a standing ovation.

As hoped for a number of Crothersville natives returned for the celebration to reminisce and renew old acquaintances.

Saturday’s weather for perfect for the varied activities and parade.

And then came Sunday. Morning worship in area churches was peaceful enough, but just before noon winds, the remnants of Hurricane Ike, hammered Southern Indiana & Kentucky. Electric power was out throughout much of Southern Indiana and Kentucky. The fortunate west side Crothersville residents had their power restored Sunday evening. The east side is still without power as Duke Energy tries to get as much energized as quickly as possible.

This week’s newspaper is being produced courtesy of an electric generator. Because of the damage and power situation, there may no be as much Sesquicentennial coverage as originally planned.

As soon as I get this week’s publication completed, I will begin working to cut up the “lucky” pine tree outside my office which survived being struck twice by lightning but was struck down by Sunday’s Sesquicentennial wind.