Mellencamp Named To Lead Southern Indiana Center for the Arts

Southern Indiana Center for the Arts (SICA) has announced the appointment of Speck Mellencamp as executive director. He will lead SICA and his intent is to bring a variety of artists to both display their works and teach.
“SICA’s board of directors is very excited to have Speck as a part of our team,” said Eric DiBlasi, Jr., SICA board president. “He has ideas and plans that will take SICA to the next level not only as a gallery, but also a space where artists can gather, teach, and learn. We’re extremely fortunate to have someone with his enthusiasm and training in this role.”
A Bloomington native, Mellencamp is a 2019 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Arts in oil painting. He recently had a collection of works on display at SICA and taught a series of oil painting classes earlier this year.
“I’m excited to be here! SICA is an amazing organization with so much potential to grow into a regional destination for art,” Mellencamp said. “Aside from displaying art, I want to make this a place where people come to create and learn more about how to further their artistic abilities.”
He began his role as director of SICA on July 22.
SICA is located at 2001 N. Ewing Street, Seymour.
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