Matt Browning, Ben Spencer Receive Top VFD Awards

Fire Chief Lynn Howard (left) and department president Marty Hoevener (right) congratulate Matt Browning after being named 2013 EMS First Responder of the Year.

Matt Browning was named the 2013 EMS 1st Responder of the Year during the recent Crothersville-Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department annual awards dinner.

Ben Spencer was named Firefighter of the Year, according to local fire chief Lynn Howard.

Howard said that the number of fire runs the local department responded to in 2013 was down over the previous year. Local firefighters were called to 132 fires so far this year compared to 157 in 2012.

Unlike fire runs, the local department were called to 221 medical runs so far this year, up from 156 in 2012.

Howard cited seven firefighters for excellent response to fire and medical runs.

Matt Browning, Jason Hillenburg, Logan Howard, Derrick Minton, Lynn Howard, Ben Spencer and Matt Howard responded to over 30% of all calls for assistance in 2013.

“Making over 30% of our calls for help is outstanding volunteer effort,” said the fire chief.