Longer School Days To Make Up For Those Missed Due To Winter Weather

Crothersville Community Schools Superintendent, Dr. Terry Goodin announced last week that Crothersville Community Schools will use the non-scheduled school days of April 18 (Good Friday), May 2, and May 6 to make-up three missed weather days.

“The remaining balance of missed weather days will be made-up by extending the school days by one  hour each day (beginning) February 17, with a tentative ending date of Monday April 14,” said the superintendent.

The school day will continue to begin at 8 a.m. but will end an hour later at 4 p.m.

The changes will not impact graduation, which is planned for May 23, or spring break, set for March 24 -28.

Crothersville has missed 14 days of school because of weather. The Indiana Department of Education already has waived two missed days; the state requires students to attend 180 days unless waivers are granted.

The local decision follows the extension of school days at Seymour, Medora and Brownstown school corporations which decided to add an extra hour to already-scheduled school days.

“Parents should make all necessary arrangements for this change and plan your activities accordingly,” said Goodin.

By holding classes on the three nonscheduled school days, Crothersville will have to make up just six days, or 36 hours. Six hours constitutes a school day, according to the state.

The nonscheduled days students will have to attend school are April 18 (Good Friday), May 2 and May 6.

Crothersville also has had seven two-hour delays. Hours missed because of delays or early dismissals are not required to be made up.