Local Police Armed With Tasers

The Crothersville Police Department with the financial assistance of Jackson County Prosecutor Rick Poynter recently purchased six X26Tasers.
“These tasers are not weapons but a non-lethal method to control otherwise uncontrollable people who do not cooperate with police officers,” said Crothersville Chief of Police Vurlin McIntosh, who demonstrated with laser aiming of the Taser. “Rather than engage in a physical confrontation, tasers temporarily cause pain and disrupts muscle control allowing officers to handcuff combative people who resist.”
Tasers can shoot two small darts connected to wires which deliver high voltage electric shock.
McIntosh said the Tasers were purchased with a $5,000 grant from the prosecutor’s office.
“After all officers receive training, they will be placed in service by the middle of the month,” McIntosh said.